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Some Facts You Might Not Know About Singer Billy Currington

With consecutive No. 1 singles under his belt, Billy Currington is at the top of his professional game. Now you may be a fan of his music, but did you know these facts about the soft-spoken, small-town native?

5. Shania Twain Changed Everything For Him

In 2004, Shania Twain joined forces with Billy Currington for the flirty hit, “Party for Two.” It was the lead single off of Twain’s Greatest Hits compilation. The song is a back-and-forth conversation with Twain pushing Currington to come to her party, but the twist is that it was going to be just the two of them.

The music video is just as fun as the song. It features Currington and Twain roaming the streets of London as they get ready for their party. As the music video ends, the two were swinging from the chandelier, totally having a blast. “Party for Two” was a huge commercial success for Twain as well as for Currington, who was a newcomer on the country music scene. The exposure launched him into the limelight, where he has stayed ever since.

“After I made the video with Shania, everything changed,” Currington revealed. “Way more people coming to the shows. Walking in a grocery store, wherever, people were recognizing me, and it didn’t really happen that way until I did the video with her.”

4. He’s A Very Private Person

With the increase in popularity also comes the surge of interest in Currington’s personal life. In a world where a lot of stars are willing, if not eager, to reveal every detail, Billy Currington admits he likes to hold back.

“As you do this enough, you start learning the right things and the wrong things to say. I still ain’t perfect. I’m very private. I don’t let out much information. I just don’t think it’s necessary,” he said. Currington looks up to George Strait as a role model in letting the music speak for him. “He’s someone who keeps very to himself. I didn’t ever see it hurting him.”

Still, the country star has to laugh at some of the questions fans often ask him, which he has had a hard time figuring out why they would want to know. “I get asked ‘Boxers or briefs?’ way too much,” he said. “Guys and girls ask that. And every time I get asked that, I’m confused.”

3. He Gets Lost A Lot 

Just in case you’re driving around and you’ll see a lost, befuddled runner who looks exactly like Billy Currington, you may want to offer him a ride. He’s got a show to do.

“I get lost all the time,” the singer admits. Billy Currington loves to go for a jog whenever he’s on tour. “I run so far, sometimes I’ll do, like, two hours and just go and go and go. Sometimes, I’ll get in this position where I’ll be like, ‘OK, which road do I take to get back?’ I’ll either call the road manager to get someone to come pick me up or pull into a store and ask. I need a GPS.”

Currington, who used to work as a personal trainer, loves to run as it helps his mind and body. “It definitely relieves stress naturally, and it makes me feel like I’m becoming a better person mentally and physically,” the singer said. “Every mile that I run, I know that I’m getting better in some form or another.”

2. He Has Once Been Charged With Abusing Elder 

The “Pretty Good at Drinking Beer” singer was arrested and booked on charges of making terroristic threats and abusing an elderly person. His bond was set at $27,000.

The arrest reportedly stems from an incident in which a 70-year-old tour boat captain went too close to his residence, which caused Billy Currington to scream, allegedly verbally abusing the captain and threatening his life.

1. He Is Not Interested In Relationship

Billy Currington said in one interview that he has no intention to get in a relationship. “I have just such a busy life that it wouldn’t be fair to be married right now and try to have kids, but I really feel within a couple of years that I’ll be at a point where I can’t use this excuse [anymore],” he said. “Most of all, I’ll be in a situation where I don’t have to do 180 shows [a year] anymore. I can bring it down to 80 to 100 and survive.”

What kind of father does Billy Currington see himself being when that time comes? “I’d be a very simple and very open and very energetic [father],” he explained. “I would do a lot of things different than I’ve seen in the past. That’s one thing I’m excited about one day.”


Billy Currington

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