Do you believe in a soulmate? They say that each of us has one dedicated soul to be our partner for the rest of our lives. For me, yes, I do believe in soulmates and all we need to do is to find that perfect person for us. Also, having a soulmate is a priceless thing because it seems like you can understand each other easily.

Moreover, your partner knows how to calm you. They know when you’re sad, excited, or anxious. Maybe, to have that kind of person would be the best feeling in the world. But, have you heard of the hit “When You Say Nothing at All” of Alison Krauss? I guess this hit is an example of a perfect soulmate.

The Award Winning Singer

This artist has won 27 Grammy Awards and she holds the record of being the most awarded singer in Grammy history. Thus, she was also recognized by the Blue Grass, and Country Music Association due to her talent, and contribution to the country music industry. In 2002, she was 12th of the “40 Greatest Women of Country Music.” This Woman popularized the hit “Some wherein the Vicinity of the Heart” in the early years of her career. Well, I’m referring to non-other than Alison Krauss, one of the most successful women in country music.

Don’t Close Your Eyes

Having a person that can really understand you is priceless, I guess a person who possesses that trait will only come in a thousand years. Anyhow, If you have heard the hit “When You Say Nothing At All” of Alison Krauss, then, you will understand what I’m saying. The hit was first released in 1988 by Keith Whitley, then it was re-recorded by Krauss with 1995. Further, it feels like the song is immortal and it doesn’t age.