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Johnny Cash and Ray Charles + Why Me Lord

“Why Me Lord”: The Iconic Duet  of Johnny Cash and Ray Charles 

In 2010, Johnny Cash and Ray Charles shocked the world when they released their version of “Why Me Lord,” 29 years after its initial recording. 

Johnny Cash + Forty Shades of Green

“Forty Shades of Green”: Johnny Cash’s Ode to Ireland

Country legend Johnny Cash describes how beautiful Ireland is in his hit song “Forty Shades of Green.” 

Johnny Cash Facts

A Short List of Facts You Didn’t Know About The Monumental Life of Johnny Cash

Think you know all the facts about Johnny Cash, the Man in Black? You might learn a few more in this article. So, make sure to check it out. 

Johnny Cash Death

Remembering The Music Legend, Johnny Cash, And His Death

Johnny Cash died on September 12, 2003. Thus, today marks his fifteenth death anniversary. Let us remember the Man in Black by listening to his hit songs.

Johnny Cash and Rosanne Cash + September When It Comes

“September When It Comes” – Rosanne Cash and Johnny Cash’s Final Duet

In 2003, Rosanne Cash released her final duet with her father, Johnny Cash, titled “September When It Comes.” Discover the story behind it here.

Johnny Cash + June Carter Cash + Help Me Make It Through the Night

Johnny Cash And June Carter Cash Duet “Help Me Make It Through the Night”

Johnny Cash took on the highly popular, racy track “Help Me Make It Through the Night” with his wife, June Carter Cash. Check it out here. 

Johnny Cash Brings Chills With “Don’t Take Your Guns to Town”

In December 1958, Johnny Cash released “Don't Take Your Guns to Town” as the first single from his second album. The song turned out to be one of his most popular pieces.

Johnny Cash + I Got Stripes

Johnny Cash’s “I Got Stripes” And The Prison Tale Of Redemption

The “Man In Black,” Johnny Cash, sang a soulful prison tale of the struggles of incarceration and the hope of redemption in “I Got Stripes.”

George Jones and Johnny Cash + I Got Stripes

Sing Along To Johnny Cash And George Jones’ Duet Version Of “I Got Stripes” 

Two legendary country singers, Johnny Cash and George Jones, join forces for a duet of “I Got Stripes, and it’s everything fans could hope for. 

Cindy Cash

A Closer Look at Johnny Cash’s Daughter, Cindy Cash

Cindy Cash is the daughter of country music legend Johnny Cash with his first wife, Vivian Liberto.

Johnny Cash He Turned Water Into Wine

Johnny Cash Took On Jesus’ Miracle With “He Turned The Water Into Wine”

In 1969, Johnny Cash recorded the album The Holy Land, which was inspired by his visit to Israel. The project includes the inspiring hymn "He Turned the Water Into Wine."

Johnny Cash Remember the Alamo

History Made Immortal in Johnny Cash’s Rendition of “Remember the Alamo”

History is written and made immortal through music, just like what other artists did, including Johnny Cash, in covering "Remember the Alamo."

Johnny Cash - Sunday Morning Coming Down

Applause, Applause as Johnny Cash Sings “Sunday Mornin’ Comin’ Down” Live

Johnny Cash once again proved that he was one of the greatest country music artists when he soulfully sang "Sunday Mornin' Comin' Down."

walk the line movie

Johnny Cash’s Fame and Struggles In “Walk the Line” Movie

Johnny Cash’s life and struggles are the subjects of the Walk the Line movie in 2005. Since then, most people are now adding Johnny Cash to their playlists.

Joni Mitchell & Johnny Cash - The Long Black Veil

Watch Johnny Cash and Joni Mitchell In a Chilling Performance of “Long Black Veil”

Country fans had trouble containing the emotions and thrill they felt when Johnny Cash teamed up with Joni Mitchel for a breathtaking performance of the "Long Black Veil."

Eric Church pays tribute to legendary Johnny Cash with Stick That In Your Country Song performance

Show-Stopping: Eric Church’s “Stick That in Your Country Song” with a Johnny Cash Tribute

Eric Church delivered “Stick That in Your Country Song” and paid tribute to the legendary Johnny Cash, all in one performance.

Johnny Cash - Were You There

Here’s Johnny Cash Chronicling Jesus’ Pain in “Were You There”

The beloved hymn "Were You There" has been recorded by various artists in different genres. Among the many singers to do so was none other than Johnny Cash.

Johnny Cash & Family - Will The Circle Be Unbroken

Johnny Cash and Family Sang “Will The Circle Be Unbroken”

Almost like the Carters, Johnny Cash and his family performed their version of the hymn wholeheartedly. Picture every family member sing their hearts out.   

Johnny Cash’s Unique Vocals in his “You Are My Sunshine” Cover

The covered hit from Johnny Cash “You are My Sunshine” was released in 1939 and it became one of the most popular songs of all time.

17 Best Johnny Cash Gospel Songs

17 of the Best and Most Memorable Johnny Cash Gospel Songs

The many gospel songs that he has written have helped Johnny Cash create a lasting legacy in the music industry. So, we decided to list down 17 of the most memorable gospel songs of his career.

Johnny Cash - Get Rhythm

Grin Your Troubles Away Like the Shoeshine Boy From “Get Rhythm” by Johnny Cash

"Get Rhythm" is a song written and recorded by American singer-songwriter and musician Johnny Cash. Released in 1959, the song was the flip-side to Cash's first top hit "I Walk the Line".

Jerry Reed’s “A Thing Called Love” Played An Instrumental Role In The Careers Of Jimmy Dean And Johnny Cash

Jimmy Dean and Johnny Cash's career was enhanced because of Jerry Reed through one of his singles. The song called “A Thing Called Love.” When Dean and Cash recorded and released the song, it smashed the airwaves and the country charts.

Throwback To Johnny Cash’s “The Man Comes Around,” One Of The Last Songs He Wrote Before His Death

In 2002, Johnny Cash released "The Man Comes Around" off his American IV: The Man Comes Around. It's one of the last songs he wrote and the only song he wrote its entirety.

Hank Williams Jr. And Kid Rock Pay Tribute To Johnny Cash With “There Ain’t No Good Chain Gang”

Kid Rock and Hank Williams Jr. Honored Johnny Cash With “There Ain’t No Good Chain Gang”

Two country icons, Kid Rock and Hank Williams Jr., honored the legendary career of Johnny Cash with the 1978 country hit single "There Ain't No Good Chain Gang."

Johnny Cash Said He Helped Inspire ‘Blue Suede Shoes’ Before It Was an Elvis Presley Song

Johnny Cash’s Story Inspired Blue Suede Shoes Before It Became An Elvis Presley Hit

Before "Blue Suede Shoes" became an Elvis Presley hit, it was Carl Perkins first. But did you know that Johnny Cash actually had some hand in it?

Hank Jr. Performs ‘Walk The Line’ & ‘Good Ol’ Boys’ In Acoustic Tribute To Johnny & Waylon

Hank Williams Jr. Paid Tribute to Waylon Jennings and Johnny Cash In An Acoustic Version of Their Songs

While Hank Williams, Jr. has become a country icon in his own right, he makes sure to pay tribute to the legends that came before him – like Waylon Jennings and Johnny Cash.

a Samantha Kirk Douglas Stops By “The Johnny Cash Show” And Sings “I Walk The Line”

Kirk Douglas Dropping By The Johnny Cash Show For The First Time Is The Most Entertaining Thing You’ll See

Kirk Douglas dropped by in one episode of The Johnny Cash Show, and you could tell the strangely affectionate vibe between him and the Man in Black himself.

Johnny Cash Honors Merle Haggard With Cover Of “Mama Tried”

This Clip of Johnny Cash Singing Merle Haggard’s “Mama Tried” Is Truly a Standout 

While Merle Haggard's "Mama Tried" has been covered countless times, there's one version that truly stands out – and that's Johnny Cash's.

Johnny Cash & Waylon Jennings Can’t Stop Smiling While Wives Serenade Them

Johnny Cash And Waylon Jennings Put On Big Smiles As Their Wives Serenade Them

Country icons June Carter Cash and Jessi Colter serenading husbands Johnny Cash and Waylon Jennings is absolutely the most legendary performance you'll see today.

Tommy Cash's ‘My Brother Johnny Cash’

Tommy Cash’s “My Brother Johnny Cash” Shows There’s No Greater Than The Love Between Family

Tommy Cash always made sure to pay homage and show his love to his country legend brother, especially in the touching song "My Brother Johnny Cash."

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