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October 8, 2020


October 8, 2020


October 8, 2020

For people who have been part of the music industry for a long time, remembering grand or simple things could really get them sobbing. It could be about their first break, their first music video, every stepping stone of their career is something they would always cherish.

Today’s highlights are the members of Runaway June; Naomi Cooke, Jennifer Wayne, and Hannah Mulholland whom Natalie Stovall replaced. Let’s join them relive their successes in the span of five years through their latest single ‘We Were Rich’.

A Memento for their Five-Year Journey

Their latest single ‘We Were Rich’ acts not only as their latest project but also as a memento for thanksgiving being able to get far in the industry. It succeeded their top 10 breakout single ‘Buy My Own Drinks’ in 2019 followed by their national tour which they dedicated to Carrie Underwood who taught them to do things ‘Country-style’.

But no matter how remarkable things around them get, people will come and go. Their third vocalist Hannah Mulholland left their group so they had Natalie Stovall take her place in May.

Emotionally Rich!

As ‘We Were Rich’ delivered memories of the original group moments to Naomi and Jennifer, the newest member of the girl group, Natalie expressed how watching their latest single’s music video had her crying. She didn’t expect things to be so emotional but the moment the song reminded her of her hometown, she began reminiscing about the house she grew in, her parents who raised her, and other nostalgic moments with childhood friends. For Natalie, the song has become a visual love letter for the people who molded her, and because ‘We Were Rich’ is her first song as a part of Runaway June, things became extra special.

During a virtual interview, the Runaway June added that the song conveys how powerful nostalgia can be, and how the best things in life are always free like emotions. It wasn’t their fame which made them rich, but remembering even the simplest yet happiest times of their lives makes them feel most ‘rich’.

Runaway June didn’t forget to thank the people behind the scenes who helped them make their vision to reality. They applauded Patrick Tracy, the director, as he completely understood the trio’s standpoint and what they wanted to portray visually. Seeing the music video done became overwhelming for them that they cannot be more thrilled and prouder about what they are about to share with their fans and followers.


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