August 17

“Good Hearted Woman:” A Single of Waylon Jennings and a Duet with Willie Nelson

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“Good Hearted Woman” is one of the best singles of Waylon Jennings. He recorded the song back in 1972. The single received constructive criticisms and massive response from the country music obsessives. It topped the country charts back then. The song reached number three on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart.

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Meanwhile, Waylon Jennings collaborated with Willie Nelson to re-record “Good Hearted Woman.” Their duet was released in 1975, three years after Willie Nelson released his. Their duet was a massive success as it placed on top of the country charts. It placed at number one on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart.

To remember the work of arts of Willie Nelson and Waylon Jennings, let’s go ahead and listen to their victorious duet. Indeed, their collaboration is considered one of the best duets in the industry also, a performance worth remembering.

Good Hearted Woman…

Both Willie Nelson and Waylon Jennings pooled resources for the words and lyrics of “Good Hearted Woman.” As mentioned above, Waylon Jennings recorded the single and was part of his album of the same name. On the other hand, their duet was included on the album “Wanted: The Outlaws.”

Waylon Jennings got his inspiration from an advertisement about Tina Turner as a “good-hearted woman” loving a “two-timing man” Ike Turner. Then, Waylon Jennings approached Willie Nelson about his ideas. At that time, Willie Nelson was playing a poker game. While they were playing, they were cooperating as Connie Koepke, the wife of Willie Nelson, was writing down the words and lyrics.

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