January 31

Gospel Joy III: “Travelin’ Thru”

Coming from an amazing woman who walks her faith, here’s to add to the joy we’ve found in our receiving of Christ’s glorious gospel.

 “Travelin’ Thru” by Dolly Parton


I love that more of Dolly’s original songs are being publicized online. We not only appreciate that we get to watch or hear them, our younger peers get to like them, as well. And since our lady ages gracefully in looks and thoughts, we hope they’ll pick some wisdom from her songs, too. One, in particular, is “Travelin’ Thru.” (Pity that it did not win an Oscar.) Nevertheless, her fans see beyond nominations and awards. We see Dolly’s heart in every line of the song and its invaluable soundness to create a lasting impact.

Song’s Anatomy

A consecutive chronicle of a traveler’s experience in its spiritual sense. It begins with a feeling of mere wandering to a point where one finally discovers his grand end. In between, is the arduous process of wanting to know everything but can’t, difficulties encountered, and the people met.

Written by a woman of faith, “Travelin’ Thru” aims to invite people to keep looking and moving forward. Whatever state they’re in at present, they’ll have to pass by them. It does not matter that they’re already comfortable with what they’ve reached, it’s not their grand end yet.

“We’re all on a journey.

Each one has a path to tread on. Along the way, we discover things, learn lessons, and encounter obstacles. When that happens, we strive to press on. Then we get tired and our next steps become heavy. Fortunately, the good Lord sees that, so he sends helpers. Oftentimes, he’ll use fellow men who have already been where we’re at. Since they knew exactly how it feels to be there, they’ll make the best counselors and allies to see us through.

Gospel Joy III: “Travelin’ Thru” 1(photo credit: Jack Chapple)


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