October 2

Travel Through Time: The Judds “Mama He’s Crazy”

If I only had a time machine, I will travel through time to spend special moments with my mama. Sometimes, we tend to take our mothers for granted because they are always around. Eventually, they will grow old, and they will have to rest so, as much as possible, spend time with them because you’ll never know when will they say goodbye.

“The Duo with a Bond”

The Judds were an American Country Music duo that started around 1983 when they signed with RCA Recordings. Even more, it composed of Naomi Judd and her daughter Wynonna Judd; it seems like talent runs in the family. Also, they were one of the most successful acts in Country Music with five Grammy Awards and eight Country Music Association Awards. This duo is unstoppable, and these women know what they want.

One of their greatest hits was “Mama He’s Crazy.” It was written by Kenny O’Dell. Then, this became the Duo’s first number one hit.

“Crazy Love”

“Mama He’s Crazy” was released in the mid- 1984 and it became no. 1 for one week and stayed 14 weeks on the Country Charts. The song talks about a girl who fell in love with the man of his dreams. Just like her mama said,

“Wait for Mr. Right guy.”

Some verses of the song tell us that the girl is young and naive, but eventually, she was convinced that his man is heaven sent.

At any rate, we can understand why the song made it to no. 1 and stayed on the charts for a long time. In conclusion, a lot of people was able to relate to the song because it brought up the idea of love at first sight. Just like when my grandfather saw my grandmother the first time, he already knew that she was the one.

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