Most of us will think that “Tennessee Whiskey” was originally recorded by Chris Stapleton because he did a great job with this song. Stapleton made it reach number one on the country chart. Moreover, his version also crossed the Billboard Hot 100 and Country Airplay. He did not only make his recording of “Tennessee Whiskey” climb the top of the chart, but it was 4x Platinum-certified by RIAA. Since Stapleton made the song a big hit, most people associate it to him. However, is the song Stapleton’s?

“Tennessee Whiskey,” The Beginning

Dean Dillon and Linda Hargrove wrote the song in 1981. It was given to David Allan Coe on the same year to record it for his same-titled album. Then, Coe made it reach number seventy-seven on the Billboard Country chart. Now, we know it was Coe who first recorded the song. His version is way different from Stapleton’s. The original “Tennessee Whiskey” is set to a more country style of music compared to the recent version.

Other Version of the Song

The original “Tennessee Whiskey” is breathtaking and probably one of the best. However, it was not only Coe who sticks to the country style of music when he recorded this song. In 1983, another country star and legend covered “Tennessee Whiskey.” George Jones decided to add the song on his sixth studio album, Shine On. It was a right decision for Jones to cover this single because it became a hit for him. He made it reach number two on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart.

Jones and Coe sang this song together in 1985 during the opening of  Farm Aid.

New Vs. Old Version

We have heard the original version of “Tennessee Whiskey” and the cover versions of it. Now, what do you think? Which sounds better? The original song by David Allan Coe or the cover of George Jones set to the country style we love? Or is it Chris Stapleton’s chart-topping version? You decide, folks.

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