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Rip Wheeler

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Rip and Beth

Rip and Beth Moments Worth Remembering In Yellowstone

Since the couple had plenty of romantic moments throughout the show, we wanted to share our favorite Rip and Beth moments in Yellowstone.

Yellowstone Casts

The Cast of Yellowstone and Where You Might’ve Seen Them Before

Yellowstone is a show full of veterans and aspiring actors. If you can't place where you've seen any of the main cast of Yellowstone, we're here to help.

What Jacket does Rip Wheeler wears

Breaking Down the Full Outfit Rip Wheeler Wore on Yellowstone

Rip is another character in Yellowstone that has an impeccable fashion sense. So, we broke down Rip Wheeler's outfit for those that want to replicate his look.

Rip Wheeler

Rip Wheeler: A Quick Guide About Yellowstone Dutton Ranch’s Hand

For all Yellowstone fans out there, here’s a quick guide about Cole Hauser’s character Rip Wheeler and a glimpse about the actor himself.

Rip Wheeler and Beth Dutton Complete Relationship Timeline

Rip Wheeler and Beth Dutton Complete Relationship Timeline

Out of all the fascinating and heart-stopping stories in Yellowstone, it’s impossible not to fall for the relationship of Rip Wheeler and Beth Dutton.