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Reba McEntire and Rex Linn

A Decade in the Making – A Timeline of the Reba McEntire & Rex Linn Romance

While she only recently announced it, the Reba McEntire & Rex Linn romantic relationship was decades in the making, and here's a timeline of their story.

Who is Rex Linn 10 Things To Know About Reba McEntire's New Boyfriend

Who is Rex Linn? 10 Things To Know About Reba McEntire’s New Boyfriend

Rebe McEntire recently dropped a bomb when she revealed her romantic relationship with actor Rex Linn during one of her podcasts.

Reba McEntire’s Boyfriend, Rex Linn, Will Be Joining Her In ABC’s Series “Big Sky” As Her Husband

The real-life couple, Reba McEntire and Rex Linn, will be playing husband and wife, Buck and Sunny Barnes – who owns the popular but mysterious glamping company, Sunny Day Excursions

Reba McEntire’s Movie With Boyfriend Rex Linn Drops Trailer

Watch The Latest Trailer For Reba McEntire’s Movie With Real-Life Boyfriend Rex Linn 

Country music legend and actress Reba McEntire recently shared with fans a sneak peek of her much-anticipated new Lifetime project, The Hammer.

Reba McEntire & Boyfriend Rex Linn Are All Smiles At Her Son’s Wedding

Reba McEntire Attended Her Son’s Wedding with Boyfriend Rex Linn 

Reba McEntire's only son Shelby Blackstock married his fiancee Marissa Branch in a magical wedding. And McEntire's boyfriend Rex Linn was in attendance.