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Ken Burns ‘Sobbed Uncontrollably’ During ‘Country Music’

In an interview with Fox News anchor Ed Henry on Fox Nation's "Front Row Seat," Ken Burns gets candid about what it is and what processes he went through.

Ken Burns’ “Country Music” Highlights Women

Ken Burns' "Country Music" is an epic film about Country's origins, and it sets its spotlight on diversity, and country's women. 

Vince Gill says Ken Burns’ ‘Country Music’ is Profound and Honest

Vince Gill is definitely a fan of Ken Burns' upcoming Country Music documentary series.

Ken Burns on Country Music: ‘The Best We’ve Ever Done’

Ken Burns' latest project is almost here and he says it's great, if not the best that he has ever done before. Country Music airs in September.

All You Need to Know about Ken Burns’ ‘Country Music’ Documentary

Ken Burns' much-awaited documentary about one of America's most beloved genres is about to hit the small screens this September!

Ken Burns’ Country Music Documentary Gets Special Sneak Peek

Ken Burns' new documentary is named 'Country Music,' and it centers around an exploration of the genre. And, Alabama gets to take a peek at the sweeping documentary.