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Looking Back To The Top 10 Country Songs Of The 1970s

The 1970s stood out as a fantastic era for country music, with several artists reaching the peaks of their careers. With that said, here are the top 10 country songs of the 1970s.

patriotic country songs singers

15 Most Patriotic Country Songs Of All Time To Celebrate This Great Country Of Ours

Who doesn’t love cranking up patriotic country songs and showing our love for America? Well, we all do. So, check out these tracks and showcase your patriotic side.

Creepy Country Songs

Check Out These Creepy Country Songs For Your Knee-Trembling Playlist

Halloween is just around the corner, and nothing is much scarier than the best creepy country songs playing all through the night.

Country Stars Remembered the Lives Lost on September 11

Each one has a special way of giving tribute and here's how some country stars remember all the lives that were lost on September 11.

Alabama’s 50th Anniversary Tour Winds Down in Nashville

Alabama is one of the most celebrated bands in the country genre. The boys have been making music for half a decade and they're celebrating it with their 50th Anniversary Tour. 

Charlie Daniels is 'not a fan' of New Country Music

Charlie Daniels is ‘not a fan’ of New Country Music

Charlie Daniels recently expressed that he isn't really much of a fan of the newer generation of country music hitting the charts. 

Outlaws & Renegades 2019 Tour: Charlie Daniels and Travis Tritt Join Forces

"Outlaws & Renegades" Tour will be the tour where Travis Tritt and Charlie Daniels are co-headlining. The two country acts will hit the road together throughout spring and summer.