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An Up Close and Steamy Rendition of the Hit “Hurts So Good”

An Up Close and Steamy Rendition of the Hit "Hurts So Good" 1
Gretchen Wilson and Kenny Chesney | Photo credit: Pinterest

Country music artists Kenny Chesney and Gretchen Wilson did not only countrify a rock hit but they did so with a twist. In particular, the famed singers set the stage ablaze with their sizzling duet rendition of John Mellencamp’s song “Hurts So Good.” With Chesney and Wilson getting too close and personal while performing on stage, the rebellious rock hit turned into an authentic country tune.

Before he started singing, Chesney asked the audience,

“Are y’all with us in the back? So listen up y’all, really quick. I just wan’t y’all to know this is the part of the show where we decided to turn the volume up just a little bit.” 

Chesney went on to rock the crowd with a lawless introductory verse. Further igniting the excitement of the audience, the Get Alongsinger invited the Redneck Womanto join him on stage. Together, the country superstars turned the venue steamy as they get up close and personal while delivering the song.

Hurts so good

Come on baby make it hurt so good

Sometimes love don’t feel like it should

You make it hurt so good

To be satisfied, you better watch their duet below, but be sure to brace yourselves.

About the Song

American rock music star John Mellencamp wrote “Hurts So Good” at the encouragement of his composer friend George Green. According to Mellencamp, everything started with a joke and ended with what would become a smash hit.

“My friend George said, why didn’t I write a song with the title ‘Hurt So Good’? We thought of it as like a Shel Silverstein thing. I wrote it in three minutes, scrawled the first line in soap on the glass door in the shower. It was really just a joke. I think all good things probably started as jokes. Wasn’t God having a laugh when he made this whole place?”

The talented painter-turned-singer shared on his 2018 Plain Spoken DVD the inspiration behind the song. Accordingly, Mellencamp admitted how surprised he was to see the roughness that exists between and among people he met at the bars where he used to perform. But, what’s more surprising to him was the fact that this song blended perfectly with his personality.

“I fit right in with all that.”

“Hurts So Good” gave Mellencamp the breakthrough he was looking for. It further cemented his reputation as a recording artist. Peaking at No. 2 on Billboard Hot 100, “Hurts So Good” also gave Mellencamp a Grammy win. In particular, at the 25th Grammy Awards in 1983, the singer won the Best Rock Vocal Performance, Male for the song. The smash hit was the first single on Mellencamp’s 1982 album American Fool.

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