We work to live, to pay our bills, and to feed our family. We work as many jobs as we can, to earn money that is not enough. That is how difficult life is before and now. Sometimes, people work double shifts to earn more money which is still not enough. This frustration is shared by two men in the song “Shiftwork.”


In 2007, Kenny Chesney collaborated with George Strait to record the song “Shiftwork.” It is a single written by Troy Jones. The recording became a part of Chesney’s tenth studio album Just Who I Am: Poets and Pirates. At first, Strait wasn’t credited as one of the singers due to issues from his record label and Chesney’s label. However, when the song entered the Billboard chart, Strait was finally credited in the song.

“Shiftwork” reached number two on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart. In addition, it secured a spot on the Hot 100 chart at number forty-seven.

Kenny Chesney and George Strait Shiftwork

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The Story Behind the Song

The songwriter, Troy Jones, shared to the Boot how he wrote the song. Before he became a songwriter, he worked in a paper mill factory for twenty years. In his twenty years of working there, he said that he had to work for longer hours. His experience was the reason why he wrote the song. Jones was also mentioned that when George Strait wanted to sing his song with Chesney, his wife became very excited.

The Song’s Content

Two characters in the song “Shiftwork” talked about their life as a worker. They mentioned that they were tired of their jobs but unable to leave it. Moreover, they shared their everyday experience in their jobs that made them hate their jobs more. Therefore, towards the end of the song, they spend the money they earned from working hard by going to a beach and drinking beer.

Well I work, shift work
Ten years, man, I hated that work
I made a break with the money I saved
It took me to the beach to have a beer by the edge of the sea

If you work hard and feel the way the characters in the song feels, then you are not alone.