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The Song “Remind Me, Dear Lord” Will Retell You Of The Goodness Of The Highest Almighty

The Song “Remind Me, Dear Lord” Will Retell You Of The Goodness Of The Highest Almighty 1

One of our weaknesses as humans is our forgetfulness on the blessings, the love, and his care of us. We have habits that if we’re confident and satisfied with the things we have, we tend to forget to thank the Lord. With this, we need to break these habits by opening our hearts to his loving reminders. Let’s listen to “Remind Me, Dear Lord”, the hymn that will retell us of the goodness of the highest almighty.

The Story…

The hymn was written by Dottie Rambo. A touching song that even helped Rambo strengthen her relationship with the Lord. Interestingly, it helped her acquire a contract as a singer and a songwriter. At that time, Lord clearly showed Rambo which way to go with her career.

Dottie Rambo received a call from a man known to be John T. Benson. Benson called about getting Rambo as a writer and her family to sing for him. Eager but doubtful, because Rambo and her family didn’t know anything about contracts. Still, her family drove to meet Mr. Benson. As they travel, Rambo quietly praying regarding the contract. She was actually asking for a good sign. Furthermore, the sign is about the amount of hundred dollars or thirteen cents. If it’s thirteen cents then that’s the sign.

Moreover, they arrived and reviewed the contract. Rambo immediately looked for the thirteen on the contract. She was not interested in anything else besides the thirteen cents and she saw it. Without a doubt, she asked for a pencil and signed the contract. Mr. Benson was surprised because that’s all there is that he can offer.

When they’re on their way home, Rambo talked to the Lord again, thanking him for the blessings. Rambo is just a human and tends to forget things, but when the lord do good things, just roll out the curtain and be reminded. A melody then started to pop and began writing the song.

The Lyrics…

The things that I love
I hold dear to my heart
They are borrowed and
Not mine at all
Jesus only let me use them
To brighten my life
So remind me, remind me dear Lord

Roll back the curtain of memory now and then
Show me where you brought me from and
Where I could have been
Just remember I’m a human and human’s forget
So remind me, remind me dear Lord

Nothing good have I done
To deserve God’s own Son
I’m not worthy of the scars
In His hands
Yet he chose the road to Calvary
To die in my stead
Why He loved me I can’t understand

Just remember I’m a human and human’s forget
So remind me, remind me dear Lord

Indeed, God moves in mysterious ways. Just like what happened to Dottie Rambo. We are humans who are taking all the blessings from up above. But there are times we forget to thank the Lord. Please be reminded, no matter how busy we are and how much more blessings we receive, that we must talk to the Lord and give thanks.

The song was covered by Alison Krauss and the Cox Family and Terry Blackwood.

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