June 28

Reba McEntire on How She Became the “Queen of Country”

September 17 1977, a budding country songstress who did not know what lies ahead of her “Queen of Country” reign almost did not make it to Grand Ole Opry; her name is Reba McEntire. It was the guard in the Grand Ole Opry who missed her name on that night’s list of performers.

Reba McEntire and her country music career

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Reba McEntire, Decade-long Career

Luckily for us, Reba McEntire did not hold back or let a single night disappoint her on her way to stardom. The “How Blue” singer has proven herself to be on top of her game as she did not only give us a year or a song of great country music but decades. In fact, Reba McEntire already added on her bio that she had scored number one hits across four decades namely, 1980s, 1990s, 2000s and 2010s. This timeline has yet to be surpassed by country artists trying to break out the scene.

There are really a lot of struggles that an aspiring country artist could embark. A one hit wonder as they called it would just catapult a singer for a few moments while one could be forgotten as many of these artists would break in as fast as they can. Consistency is definitely the key. McEntire definitely proved herself to be consistent and relevant all throughout as she holds the second most win of Female Vocalist Award securing seven while having 45 nominations for a female artist in American Music Awards for a female country artist.

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Her Gratitude, Gospel Album

When Hugh McIntyre of Forbes.com asked her about what she feels being in the industry and accepting an award at NARM formerly Music Biz, Reba McEntire said with gratitude:


“Well it feels really good. Getting recognition for all the years that you’ve put into the music business and the fun that you’ve gotten to have. It’s very nice, it’s very sweet. I love the fact that Music Biz been very important, like NARM for all those years, to make sure that our music is available to the folks, getting what we’re doing out to the fans and the public. For me to be able to come in and say thank y’all very much for a job well done is just as important to me.


Reba McEntire just recently released a gospel album which marked her 29th studio album called “Sing it Now: Songs of Faith and Hope” which took the number four spot in Billboard 200.


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