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A Song Made in a Rush, “Almost Persuaded” by David Houston


A Song Made in a Rush, “Almost Persuaded” by David Houston 1

Story of the Song

It occurred as a fluke. David Houston was scheduled to record a tune called “We Got Love”. He drove up from Shreveport, Louisiana and took a room for the night at Nashville’s Sam Davis Hotel. However, he had a problem, he didn’t have a “B” side ready to cut. When his producer Billy Sherrill heard about this, he grabbed one of his favorite collaborators, Glenn Sutton. They worked down to the wire trying to come up with another song for the next morning’s session. The two men had one verse and the chorus written by midnight. They wanted to show David Houston what they had thus far. However, the very old Sam Davis Hotel had no elevators and Sherrill was afraid to go in. He was afraid that the building would catch fire, so Billy sent Sutton in there with the song.

David Houston liked it alright, so Sherrill and Sutton carried on with their work, and by daybreak, they had the second verse. Houston recorded “Almost Persuaded”, along with the designated “A” side “We Got Love”, at the scheduled 8:00 session.

After the Release

The record shipped with “We Got Love” as the designated hit. However, deejay Mac Curtis, one of Atlanta’s most influential broadcasters, turned the record over and began playing “Almost Persuaded” on his morning radio show on WPLO-AM, then one of America’s top country music stations. Audience response was overwhelming, guaranteeing the nationwide success for “Almost Persuaded”.

This song spent nine weeks at No. 1. In addition,“Almost Persuaded” won two Grammy awards, Best Country Vocal Performance by a Male and  Best Song.

Does this song bring back memories? Tell us your thoughts in the comments section below and don’t forget to share this story your friends and family to let them know the story of the song “Almost Persuaded”. God Bless Your Heart.


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