August 10

83 Year-Old Patsy Montana still got the Knack in Yodeling


Patsy Montana (1908-1996) // Album Cover - Discog.com//
Patsy Montana (1908-1996) // Album Cover – Discog.com//

Here’s a look back on our Paying Homage to Our Yodeling Queen, Patsy Montana.

As previously discussed, she’s the real trailblazer for country women to be part of the industry. With her hit I want to be a Cowboy’s Sweetheart selling millions at a time when money was scarce, other aspiring female singers were emboldened to follow her trail. Naturally, the journey to stardom was still rough for these lady pioneers. But with patience and persistence, they became a resounding success in the end.

Fast-forward to the 90’s, we’ll see our Queen of Yodel still shine as she performs the song that delighted many cowboys and cowgirls at heart. Yodel-oh-ee-dee-yodel-oh-dee!

Patsy Montana – I Want to be a Cowboys Sweetheart 1991

Aw! Ain’t she sweet? Outstanding performance as expected from the Yodeling Queen!

A Real Country Girl’s Soul will Always be on the Loose

After her million-record success and successive radio invitations in the 40s, Patsy Montana temporarily took a respite in the 50s. Then for the next four decades, she embarked on concert tours with a truckload of Country & Western music en route. She also had a pocketful of bluegrass and even some folk songs up her sleeves.

As witnessed on the above-embedded clip featuring an aged Patsy Montana, she’s one of those restless souls. She did what she loved and had been everywhere she wanted to be. And along with her life’s adventures, what an honor that is in the history of Country music, there was once a sweet, yodeling cowgirl who proved that dreams are within reach.

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