January 9, 2024

Dive in Heartbreak and Melodic Embers with “World On Fire” by Nate Smith

On June 5, 2023, country music singer Nate Smith released “World on Fire” as the second single from his self-titled debut album. 

So many connected with the catchy, rock-inspired country heartbreaker that it went to No. 1 on Billboard’s Country Airplay chart while peaking at No. 8 on Billboard’s Hot Country Songs chart. It also ranked No. 1 in Canada’s country chart.

Meaning Behind The Song 

Written by Nate Smith alongside Lindsay Rimes, Ashley Gorley, and Taylor Phillips, “World on Fire” tells the story of a man who can’t escape memories of a love gone wrong. The woman he loves called it quits, leaving him feeling like his heart was ripped out of his chest and ruining everything around him in his hometown – including his favorite bar.

The song came to life during a songwriting session. Taylor Phillips, the creative mind behind the song name “World on Fire,” also dedicates time as a volunteer firefighter in North Carolina. 

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He used the phrase “world on fire” to recount a tragedy at a construction site where he helped put out a blaze. He had kept that phrase on his phone for so long and later began thinking about a heart-wrenching break-up.

“You know, you’re not just leaving that person,” Phillips said about the inspiration for the song. “You’re taking the whole town with you, leaving memories everywhere.” 

Soon enough, the group turned ashes into lyrical gold.

Nate Smith, on the other hand, lost his home in 2018 following a wildfire that happened in his hometown of Paradise, California. This wildfire holds the tragic record for being the deadliest and causing the most devastation in the history of California. The tragedy inspired him to write songs with fire themes, such as “Wildfire” and “One of These Days.”

So, embark on a sonic journey that ignites your senses and sets your world ablaze with Nate Smith’s mesmerizing song “World on Fire” – click play and let the rhythm light up your soul!


Nate Smith

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