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“My Maria:” B.W. Stevenson’s Single Revived by Brooks and Dunn

Do you remember Brooks and Dunn‘s single “My Maria?” We can all agree that it was an unbelievably great country love song. However, it wasn’t actually theirs. It was a song they covered and it was from the artist B.W. Stevenson.

Brooks and Dunn My Maria B.W. Stevenson
Photo Credit: Brooks and Dunn/ Official Website of Brooks and Dunn

Before we check out Brooks and Dunn’s rendition, why not find out a little bit about the original version.

The Original Version of “My Maria”

In 1973, Stevenson released “My Maria” as a single from his same-titled album. It was a country rock type of song. However, it wasn’t able to secure a spot on the country chart. Instead, Stevenson’s “My Maria” placed at number nine on the Hot 100 chart. Furthermore, it went to number one on the Adult Contemporary chart.

The Song’s Story

The song was written by Stevenson and Daniel Moore. This single tells the story of a man who felt lucky being with someone who makes him happy.

My Maria there were some blue and sorrow times
Just my thoughts about you bring back my piece of mind
Gypsy lady you’re a miracle work for me
You set my soul free like a ship sailing on the sea
She is the sunlight when skies are gray
She treats me so right lady take me away

If you have found someone like Maria, you are one lucky man. Love like this is hard to find. It’s not easy to find someone who can make you feel good whenever you’re sad. However, if you have found one, always remember to appreciate them.

Brooks and Dunn’s Version

The country duo Brooks and Dunn revived the song in 1996. They recorded the song for their album Borderline. They made the song reach number one on the country chart of the Billboard. Furthermore, the duo’s version won the Grammy Award for Best Country Performance by a Vocal Group or Duo.

Check out Brooks and Dunn’s cover of “My Maria.”



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