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A Song Compilation of the Dynamic Duo Loretta Lynn and Conway Twitty

We cannot deny the fact that Loretta Lynn and Conway Twitty really do have chemistry on stage. Every time they perform a song together, they make us feel like they have this unspoken connection of love together. However, we both know the two never had an affair. They were committed to the person they love. Whether Loretta and Conway are together or not we can all agree that they really make us fall in love with them and their music. But before Conway and Loretta worked together what were they doing?

Loretta Lynn Before Working with Conway Twitty

Loretta signed her first contract in 1960 with Zero Record label. From then on, she has been releasing songs that made her one of country music’s best female country singers. A year before Loretta collaborated with Conway; she released the biggest hit of her career, “Coal Miner’s Daughter.” This song became her fourth number one single on the country chart. In addition, she scored her first song on the pop chart. Her single became a hit because of the pure honesty of her song. It was written by Loretta, and in it, she shared her life as she grew up in Kentucky.

Conway Twitty As A Solo Artist

Conway Twitty did not begin his career recording country songs. He usually performed pop and rock and roll music. However, he was not very successful in that genre. Then in 1965, Conway finally decided to shift his career to country music. This decision of Conway is probably the best one he did because if he continues to perform as a rock and roll artist, his career might die. Conway’s most significant moment happened a year before he collaborated with Loretta. He released his self-penned song “Hello Darlin’.” Everything changed since then. His single went to number one on the country chart. Furthermore, this was his first country single that crossed over the pop chart.

The Dynamic Duo

Then came 1971, the year when Conway and Loretta’s paths finally crossed. Since then, they have recorded a total of ten studio albums. However, twelve of their singles were able to secure a spot on the country chart, but they have five number one songs on the Billboard chart. They certainly did a great job with all of their songs.

Now let’s take a look at five of their singles which we think are the best.

Conway Twitty Loretta Lynn
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Top Five Duets of Conway and Loretta

“After the Fire is Gone”

“After the Fire is Gone” is a song written in 1970 by L.E. White. Country duo Conway and Loretta recorded it. With this, they scored their very first number one on the country chart. “After the Fire is Gone,” tells the story about two people who were in love but were married to another person. This single sparked a controversy whether Conway and Loretta were romantically involved.

This song was their first and only single that crossover the pop chart and reached number fifty-six. Since then, Conway and Loretta established themselves as a duo in country music.

“After the Fire is Gone” is one of the tracks in their first album We Only Make Believe. The album contained eleven songs, including their recording of Conway’s single “It’s Only Make Believe.” However, “After the Fire is Gone” was their only commercially successful single in the album.

Their first single earned them many awards. They won their first Grammy Award for Best Country Vocal Performance by a Duo or Group in 1971. In addition, Conway and Loretta received the Music City News Country Awards for Vocal Duo of the Year on the same year.

Here’s their performance of “After the Fire is Gone.”

“Louisiana Woman, Mississippi Man”

The third number one single of the duo delivers a well-crafted story of two lovers who will do anything just to be together. The Mississippi man will swim across the river to reach the other side and be with his lover. The Louisiana woman finally found the man of her dreams. Therefore, she will do anything to be with him. Conway and Loretta’s single shows that when it comes to love, there is nothing impossible.

“Hey, Louisiana woman, Mississippi man

We get together every time we can

The Mississippi River can’t keep us apart

There’s too much love in the Mississippi heart

Too much love in this Louisiana heart.”

The title may be Louisiana woman, but Loretta was not from Louisiana. She was born in Kentucky. However, Mississippi man perfectly fits Conway because he was born there.

“Louisiana Woman, Mississippi Man,” was released in 1973 for their same-titled album. It was written by Becki Bluefield and Jim Owen. Loretta’s husband, Dolittle, suggested to the duo to record this up-tempo single. It was a good idea that the two listened to him because they ended up having another number one song.

For the third time, Loretta and Conway brought home the Music City News Country Awards for Vocal Duo of the Year. In addition, they also won the CMA Awards for Top Vocal Duo for the second time.

“As Soon As I Hang Up the Phone”

In 1974, the single “As Soon As I Hang Up the Phone” was released by the dynamic duo for their fourth studio album Country Partners. This uniquely written song was their fourth number one single on the chart. In addition, it was their first song to enter the Australian and South African chart. “As Soon As I Hang Up the Phone” was the first song Conway wrote for them that reached number one. This single is a combination of sung and spoken music.

Conway did the spoken part of the song, while Loretta sang her part of the song. This melancholic single tells the story of two lovers who finally got the chance to talk. However, it was their last conversation, because Conway (the male narrator) was about to break up with his lover through a phone conversation.

“You gave me the will to go on as soon as I picked up the phone

(No no you don’t understand Loretta I’m trying to tell you that I)

The talk is around that we’re through (yeah I know I’ve heard it too)

Oh darling tell me what to do…”

“As Soon As I Hang Up the Phone” earned Loretta and Conway their fourth Music City News Country Awards for Vocal Duo of the Year. And, third CMA Awards for Top Vocal Duo.

Before we proceed to the next song let us take a look at their performance of “As Soon As I Hang Up the Phone.”

“Lead Me On”

Another single that top the Billboard chart was “Lead Me On.” This love song was written by Leon Copeland in 1971. Conway and Loretta released “Lead Me On” in 1972, which made them earn their second number one song. This single became the first track on their second album, Lead Me On. Just like the single, their album also reached the top of the Billboard Country Albums chart.

Listen to their single “Lead Me On.”


Feelings are meant to be expressed. When you express your feelings, it will lead you to where you should be, and that’s what Conway Twitty and Loretta Lynn’s single “Feelins’” is all about.

“Feelins’ just lead us on till

We know where we’re goin’ mhmm.”

Loretta and Conway released their single “Feelins’” in 1975. This became their fifth and last number one single on the chart. The song was written by Troy Seals, Will Jennings, and Don Goodman as the lead single for Conway and Loretta’s album Feelins’.

The album also reached number one on the Billboard Top Country Albums chart. In addition, the duo won their first ACM Awards for Top Album of the Year. Conway and Loretta brought home the ACM Awards for Top Vocal Duo for the second time. They also received their first American Music Awards for Favorite Country Band/ Duo/ Group on the same year they released their song “Feelins’.”

Here’s “Feelins’” by Conway Twitty and Loretta Lynn.

Other Songs Together

There you have it guys, Conway Twitty, and Loretta Lynn’s five best songs. However, they still have other songs that are amazing. It’s just we can’t fit all their songs on our list. Some of their recording that we love is “The Letter,” “I Still Believe in Waltzes,” “Making Believe,” “You’re the Reason Our Kids Are Ugly,” and many more.

Other Songs Performance

Some of these singles also entered the Billboard country chart. “The Letter” was the next single they released after “Feelins’.” It reached number three on the chart. In addition, this was the second song Conway wrote for both of them that entered the chart. “I Still Believe in Waltzes” was their last song to secure a spot on the country chart. It was able to reach number two.

Meanwhile, their singles “Making Believe” and “You’re the Reason Our Kids Are Ugly” are both superb recordings of Conway and Loretta. However, it failed to enter the Billboard chart. “You’re the Reason Our Kids Are Ugly” is a single from their 1978 album Honky Tonk Heroes. It was written by L.E. White and Lola Jean Dillon. This comedic love song shows that Conway and Loretta can pull off not only serious love songs.

Their Undeniable Chemistry

Surely, we all want to know the relationship between Conway and Loretta. They seem to make us all believe that they have something going on. However, the truth is Loretta and Conway are just friends. She confirmed this in her film Loretta Lynn: Still a Mountain Girl.

“Everybody thought me and Conway had a thing going, and that’s the furthest from the truth. I loved Conway, as a friend, and my husband loved him. Conway was really the only one in the music business that Doo gave a dag-gone for.”

At least now we know that their chemistry together was not because of something romantic but because of a beautiful friendship they have built and strengthened together. Because of that, Loretta will forever be thankful that she met Conway.

“I’d have to say that knowing Conway Twitty has been one of my great pleasures in life.”

Conway Twitty’s Death

On an interview with Nash Country Weekly, Loretta shared the story of Conway before he was rushed to the hospital. Conway was supposed to visit Loretta’s husband, Doolittle, but he suddenly collapsed. He was then brought to the hospital, and Loretta found out about it. Before Conway died, Loretta was able to see him for the last time. She told him not to die.

“Now, Conway, you love to sing. You can’t leave. Don’t you leave me.”

It was a heartbreaking moment for Loretta because we all know how much she loves Conway.


Since the day they released their first single “After the Fire is Gone,” Conway and Loretta began topping the charts and receiving many awards from different associations. They have won a total of ten awards since 1971.

Albums and Chart Performance

A total of ten albums were released by the dynamic duo. Their first album We Only Make Believe was first released under Decca Records in 1971. It reached number three on the country albums chart of Billboard. It was their first Gold-certified album by RIAA. The following year they released another album. Lead Me On, which carried their second number one single, entered the country album chart at number two. In addition, it was also Gold-certified by RIAA. Lead Me On was the last album they released under Decca Records. When they move to MCA Records in 1973, they released Louisiana Woman, Mississippi Man. It was their third album and the first album to reach number one on the chart.

Other of their albums that secured the number one spot on the Billboard Top Country Albums chart were Country Partners, Feelins’, and United Talent. Their highest charting album on the Billboard 200 chart was Honky Tonk Heroes. This album placed at number two.

There you have it, folks! The top five songs by one of country music’s prominent country duo, Loretta Lynn and Conway Twitty.


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