April 15

Kris Kristofferson and Other Artists Praise God Wonderfully with “Why Me Lord”

There is nothing greater than listening to country singers coming together to sing praises to the Lord. Kris Kristofferson and other country artists all gathered on stage to perform the gospel song “Why Me Lord.”

Kris kristofferson Why Me Lord
Photo Credit: Kris Kristofferson/ stateofithaca.org

The Inspiration of “Why Me Lord”

“Why Me Lord” was written by Kristofferson after attending a sermon. It was said that he was moved by the performance of Larry Gatlin during that time. He was then inspired to come up with such a beautiful composition.

Kris Kristofferson’s Song

We find the character in the song questioning God about his blessings. Isn’t it weird for someone to ask God why they are blessed? Most of the time, we should only thank God for the blessings we receive instead of questioning Him. However, the narrator of the song does the opposite. He questions God why it’s him. He knows he doesn’t deserve God’s kindness to him. He has sinned a lot of times, and all these make him feel guilty of being blessed.

The truth is God doesn’t care what we have done in the past. All He ever wanted is for us to seek Him. God wants us to be drawn closer to Him, that’s why instead of pushing us away because of our sins, He moves closer to us. Unlike humans, God knows how to forgive us, even our gravest sins. How lucky are we to have such a graceful and forgiving God, right?

Performance of the Song

“Why Me Lord” became Kristofferson’s signature song. With this song, he earned his first and most successful single on the country chart. “Why Me Lord” sold half a million copies, thus being gold-certified by RIAA.

A Collection of Different Artists

The song became extremely popular making a lot of artists cover it up to the present. However, one unique performance of the song was comprised of different artists. In the video, Kristofferson began singing his song while playing the guitar. After his solo performance, he was backed up by various artists such as Alison Krauss, Reba McEntire, Lee Ann Womack, and others. Check out this collection of artists coming together to praise God.


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