February 19

“I’m Using My Bible For A Road Map”, What About You?

“I’m Using My Bible For A Road Map”, What About You? 1

Rod Reno and Red Smiley performing the song “I’m Using My Bible For A Road Map”

How is your journey on earth so far? Are you still on the right track or on the verge of getting lost along the way? If you are the former, then good for you. Otherwise, you better pause for a while and contemplate on your travel ahead. And don’t worry folks, I got you something to help you somehow on your pondering. Just listen to this song “I’m Using My Bible For A Road Map” and you will certainly find yourself heading to where you’re supposed to be.

Brief Song Background

“I’m Using My Bible For A Road Map” was written by Don Reno and Charles Schroeder. The former, together with Red Smiley and The Tennessee Cutups, first recorded the song on January 15, 1952. The original recording was released two months later in March 1952. American bluegrass singer Mac Wiseman did his own cover of the song afterward. Below is Wiseman’s record of the song.

Some Thoughts About the Lyrics

Basically, the song focuses on the Holy Scripture’s usage as someone’s roadmap. The tune’s opening is a beautiful chorus that goes,


There’ll be no detours in heaven

No rough roads along the way

I’m using my Bible for a roadmap

My last stop is heaven some sweet day


The wordings also included some notable accounts from the Bible. One of which is ‘The Ten Commandments’. God gave these biblical laws, also known as ‘Decalogue’, to guide us to the righteous way of life. Following them daily means we are letting God lead us on our way. The narrator also cited the twelve disciples as his ‘road signs’. As what the book of Revelation (12:14) told us, “the wall of the New Jerusalem will have in them the names of the twelve disciples/apostles”. That would, therefore, mean that God attaches great importance to these 12 men. We should let them serve than their purpose as our ‘road signs’ giving precautionary measures when needed. In the last stanza, the narrator affirms the people of Israel have used the Bible as their map too when crossing the Red Sea. We knew from the scripture, itself, how destructible that sea was. But with God’s guidance, the people of Israel were able to pass through it safe and sound.

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