July 30

How Well Do You Know Luke Bryan?

As we all know, Luke Bryan is among the most highly acclaimed country singers of his time. He has released five amazing albums, written over dozens of phenomenal and chart-topping songs, performed in over 10 tours, and received prestigious music awards and nominations since the year 2010.

If you are a die-hard Luke Bryan fan, you may be enumerating all of his songs, awards and tours in a very accurate and chronologically arranged fashion. But, will you be able to recognize all the fun facts we have prepared about the country superstar?

Check off all the things that you already know about your idol on the list below:

5. Luke Bryan first worked at a grocery store.

Yep, you read that right! Bryan was exposed to the value of hard work and dedication at a very early age. When he was 12, he was in charge of cleaning and stocking produce at Rubo’s, the local grocery store in his hometown in Leesburg, Georgia.

4. He was a teen heartthrob.

During a stage performance back in his high school years, Bryan was given a big role in Annie Get Your Gun. He played the leading man, Frank Butler, whose character gets smitten by Annie Oakley. In the play, he donned an all-white costume with matching fringe and a cowboy hat. The play was a major hit, thanks to Bryan’s swoon-worthy looks and acting talent.

3. Moonwalk is among the dance moves he’s mastered.

As a kid, Luke was also a huge Michael Jackson fan. In fact, contrary to what most people expect, his first cassette was MJ’s Thriller. Yes—not something from Johnny Cash or Hank Williams. That was how he learned how to moonwalk. According to the singer, he “could moonwalk all the way to the pencil sharpener and back”, back in the days.

2. His kids have funny nicknames and he has an even funnier way of showing his love to his wife.

In an online article, Luke dished out that he fondly calls his two lovely sons, ‘Bo Bo’ and ‘Tater Bug’. The nicknames prove two things—how much the singer adores his kids and his dedication to all things country. On the other hand, he had his wife and college sweetheart, Caroline’s initials tattooed on his rear end! It was Jason Aldean who revealed Bryan’s sweet but uncanny secret. Aldean shared that he discovered the tattoo when they were on tour. It was also during the tour when Bryan decided to get his bum inked. At that time, Luke Bryan was complaining about his itchy butt and when Aldean wondered what the cause was, the former revealed the new tattoo on his rear.

1. The welcome sign for Leesburg, GA has his name on it.

What an amazing way to be honored by your own hometown, right? Even though Leesburg is home to around 3000 residents only, that doesn’t stop Luke’s fellow Leesburg residents to show their overwhelming love and support. The sign was responsible for attracting massive town visitors and fellow country idol Phillip Phillips!

How did our list fare for you? Do you have more Luke Bryan fun facts that you’re eager to share? Let us know!


Luke Bryan

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