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Hank Williams Sr. and His Classic Hit “Your Cheatin’ Heart”


Did you know that this song was written by Hank Williams after his divorce with his wife? Yes, he and his new wife, Billie Jean Jones were the writers of this song. Hanks and Billie were en route to her parent’s home in Louisiana to announce their engagement together.

On their way to Billie’s parents’ house, the song was born.

Hank William’s Struggles

It is known to the public that Hank had a little bit of a struggle with alcohol. This was a detriment to his marriage with Audrey Mae Sheppard. Audrey could not take it anymore and decided to leave Hank. Brokenhearted and distraught, Hank could not ask for a second chance from his then wife.

Hank Williams Sr.
Photo Credits: Billboard

With this, he just decided to move on and so he found Billie Jean Jones, who was also a country singer. And so, when they were on their way to announce their engagement, Hanks was babbling about something. Billie suggested that he should write something about his recent divorce.

He replied:

“Hey, that’d make a good song! Get out my tablet, baby, you and I are gonna write us a song.”

She recalled:

“Just about as fast as I could write it, Hank quoted the words to me in a matter of minutes.”

Lyrics Breakdown

When tears come down
Like falling rain
You’ll toss around
And call my name
You’ll walk the floor
The way I do
Your cheatin’ heart
Will tell on you

You can tell the sadness in this song. There is a longing in the lyrics and only Hanks could tell if he regrets his actions towards his previous wife. The only thing good that came out of their marriage is at least their son Hank Williams Jr. Their son was able to follow the legendary singer’s path to country music.

hank williams
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Now if you’re in the situation of Hank Williams, what would have done to save your marriage?

Well, whatever the case maybe you may listen to the song here:


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