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Remembering Hank Cochran, the Man Behind “I Fall to Piece” and More

Hank Cochran has been one of the biggest influencers in the world of country music. Without him, the likes of Patsy Cline, Ray Price, and many more wouldn’t have any top-performing songs. Who is Cochran, and what was his important role in the success of some country artists?

hank cochran death anniversary
Hank Cochran, the legendary songwriter. Photo from Hank Cochran’s official website.

A Challenging Childhood Life

Cochran survived despite growing up with many challenges in his life. At a young age, he was not supposed to have lived after contracting various viral infection all at the same time, but he did. After a couple of years, he was left at the orphanage, then he ran away. Since he escaped the orphanage twice, he was sent to his grandparents. If Cochran didn’t run away from the orphanage, he wouldn’t have learned to play the guitar, which was taught by his grandfather. This may have been the reason why Cochran became interested in music.

After many hitchhiking experiences in his life, he ended up at Nashville where he settled down to begin his career as a songwriter.

Hank Cochran Gave Patsy Cline a No. 1 Hit

The first song he wrote that became an overnight sensation was Cline’s “I Fall the Pieces.” However, Cochran wasn’t alone when he wrote the song. He teamed up with another great songwriter, Harlan Howard. Together their song became a No. 1 hit on the country chart. In addition, Cline made it possible for the song to score a spot on the Hot 100 chart. After such, Cochran went to write another song for Cline titled “She’s Got You.”

Other Songs He Wrote

Cochran did not only write top-performing songs for Cline. He wrote “Make the World Go Away” in 1960, then gave it to Ray Price. It reached No. 2 on the country chart. When it was adapted by Eddy Arnold in 1965, it placed at No. 1. Other songs he wrote are “The Chair” for George Strait, “A Little Bitty Tear” for Burl Ives, and a lot more.

As you see, without Cochran, these country artists would not have songs on the top of the country charts. He was truly a talented songwriter.

Even though he is much more known for his gift in songwriting, Cochran recorded few songs in his career. His biggest and first hit in 1962 was “Sally Was a Good Old Girl.” It would have been great if Cochran not only wrote amazing songs but also recorded a lot more songs.

Despite all of his childhood hardships, Cochran lived a happy and inspiring life. He lived up until the age of 74; and even though he is gone, Cochran left a big mark in the world of country music. He will always be remembered.


Hank Cochran

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