I know what you’re thinking, George Strait singing the Disney Song “Let It Go” from Frozen. But, no it’s not that, although they have a similar topic. Let’s find out.

“Let It Go” Chart Performance

“Let It Go” is a single written by Keith Gattis, George Strait, and his son, Bubba Strait. It became one of the singles on his album Cold Beer Conversation. After retiring from touring, Strait finally released a new album and single. “Let it Go” entered three charts in the Billboard. It placed at number eighteen on the Hot 100 chart. However, the song fell at number forty-six on the country airplay. In addition, “Let It Go” reached number twenty-nine on the country chart.

Strait’s single sounds similar to his previous song “The Seashore of Old Mexico.” Moreover, it is also compared to one of Kenny Chesney’s songs.

george strait let it go

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About the Song

The single talks about embracing where you are now instead of trying to ask for more. It’s about not caring anymore for things that don’t matter. Instead, spending most of your time on things that will only make you happy. George Strait says that we have to let go of whatever is bothering us and only be happy.

Let it go sometimes you gotta let it go
Let it all wash on under the bridge blow it a kiss
Give it a rest cause it is what it is
Time flies while you save it all up
But someday this’ll all be dust
It’s all just stuff it ain’t ever enough
And you can’t take it with you so you might as well just

The song is a laid-back country single which features Strait’s warm and rich voice. In an interview from his record label, Strait says,

“I mean, all that stuff is just stuff — and then you die. All that other stuff don’t mean a lot.”

Well, we totally agree with you George, material things really don’t matter. The only important things in life are what we really need.