March 8

Netflix ‘Country Comfort’ Has Everything You Want In A Show

This March 19 (Friday), Netflix is premiering ‘Country Comfort,’ their newest cheesy ten-episode sitcom loaded with music and fun. This Netflix Original Series promises to pull us out of the mixed spells of boredom and sadness we experience these days. 

Created and produced by Carlyn Lucas and exclusively streaming on the platform, the show stars American Idol alumna Katharine McPhee and Sunset Beaches’ Eddie Cibrian. 

Fans are also excited as Born As Ghosts’ lead singer and actor Eric Balfour and Korra’s voice actress Janet Varney are also joining the show as recurring characters. 

What is it all about?

The story tells of an aspiring young country music artist Bailey (Katharine McPhee). Bailey unexpectedly finds herself hitting the skids in her career after getting fired from her singing gig at a bar. In a series of quite unfortunate events, she stumbles upon a chaotic home of rugged cowboy and widower Beau (Eddie Cibrian), who is looking for a nanny for his five children. Yes, you heard it right. There are five of them. 

In the laughter-infused trailer, Bailey discovers that she is already Nanny number 10. “Ten nannies? What is wrong with you all?” 

But with a bit of cliché twists and turns, this newbie-nanny with a never-give-up attitude and a heart the size of Texas navigates through the family dynamics and becomes the mother figure the kids are missing. And to her surprise, she also finds not only a family with them but also a band who will help her get back on the road to stardom.  

Get to know the cast.

American Idol Season 5 runner-up Katherine McPhee plays the role of Bailey. With previous acting experiences as Karen Cartwright on Smash and Paige Dineen on Scorpion, McPhee definitely fits the bill of country singer Bailey. 

Eddie Cibrian, who was previously known for his role as Cole Deschanel in the 1997 TV series Sunset Beach plays the role of Beau. He also acted on CSI: Miami and Criminal Minds. 

Country Comfort also stars Ricardo Hurtado, who also acted in School of Rock and Malibu Rescue. Jamie Martin Mann, Pyper Braun, Shiloh Verrico, and Griffin McIntyre complete the main cast. 

Eric Balfour plays Boone while Janet Varney plays Summer as recurring roles in the show. LeAnn Rimes, country star and real-life wife of Cibrian, also makes a cameo. 

What are we in for?

Basically, we’re in for a classic sitcom with canned laughter tracks and a whole lot of fun. And if you loved romantic comedies like Sweet Magnolias and Firefly Lane, then this is probably something you would definitely enjoy. Sprinkle it with 2003 comedy-drama Gilmore Girls, and a southern version of The Sound of Music, then you’re definitely getting ‘Country Comfort.’ 

Created and produced by The Nanny’s executive producer and Miss Congeniality’s co-writer, Caryn Lucas, this series is set to premiere on Netflix on March 19. 

Nashville Reacts.

Nashville-inspired sitcom ‘Country Comfort’ has also garnered not-so-nice reactions and attention from Nashville Twitter. 

Steve Cavendish, editor at Nashville Banner and President of Nashville Public Media, turned to Twitter to express his reaction. He said in a tweet, “Is this a parody? Dear God, that looks awful”. Many have pointed out the inexplicable accents and the “ongoing commodification of Nashville as an aw-shucksy yeehaw town” as reported in Nashville Scene, as two reasons of a long list that angered many Nashvillians. 

Well, any ‘good’ show is still a matter of preference. Take a seat, watch, and decide for yourself whether ‘Country Comfort’ is really that bad or if it’s worth some recognition because it made you genuinely laugh. 


Country Comfort

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