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Chris Stapleton’s “Either Way” Tells A Tale Of Painful Hopelessness

Heart-wrenching ballad – that’s how we can describe Chris Stapleton’s “Either Way” 2017 song. It has a solid and deep timbre that could put pain in your heart just by listening to it. The gradual increase of tempo does well to emphasize the message and create an image among listeners. It’s a compelling piece to make you cry even though you haven’t been in a broken relationship.

Dormant Love Story

Chris Stapleton isn’t the only writer for “Either Way.” Tim James and Kendell Marvel share the songwriting credit as one of them initially had the idea for a sad and tragic piece. The song was first heard on Lee Ann Womack’s 2008 album Call Me Crazy, but Stapleton recorded it himself for his 2017 From A Room: Volume 1 album. It turned out to be a success for the charismatic Kentucky-born singer as the song won the Best Country Solo Performance at the Grammy Awards in 2018.

“Either Way” is a country ballad that will leave listeners wanting more. The story starts off with a couple having separate rooms and only talking when the monthly bills are due. They fake the perfect life outside of their home, and the narrator doesn’t care anymore. He’s already done saving the dying relationship because his tears are all dried up.

The lyrics are like the calm before the storm, but the narrator knows everything is already destroyed. And so, the said storm doesn’t do a lot of damage because deep inside, he’s already empty. One of the most heartbreaking types of relationships is the dormant one, where you don’t love each other anymore but pretend to be. Deciding to go or stay doesn’t matter as the narrator knows whatever they choose; he won’t love either way.

Positive Reception

Thought-provoking lyrics are the trademark of Chris Stapleton songs, and “Either Way” fits that description. Rolling Stone’s Will Hermes described the country ballad like a broken whisper turning to a chilling holler. Moreover, Robert Crawford shared how impressive it is that Stapleton’s studio version doesn’t differ from his first live performance. He even complimented the show as simple and stunning.

Taste of Country reviewer Billy Dukes commended the country singer as a gold standard. He further took notice of Stapleton’s tremendous voice contrasting to the nature of his lyrics. Critics are all praises for the rising country star.

Click on the link below and feel the painful hopelessness in Chris Stapleton’s “Either Way.”


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