September 22

Blanco Brown Now on Recovery, Says God Ain’t Done with Him Yet

No one is really exempted when it comes to accidents, and these types of scenarios when experienced first-hand can really test one’s faith. Here’s Git Up singer Blanco Brown reflecting on how and why God spared his life. Brown got critical injuries after an unprecedented motorcycle accident on August 31.

Faith in a Fateful Night

“The fact that I’m here and still in my right mind is God’s proof — I feel so blessed!” These are the exact words of Blanco Brown after undergoing a lengthy surgery in the intensive care unit.

The crash took place at the Fairburn Road and Mays Crossing, Western Atlanta. Blanco Brown’s motorcycle hit head on a 1998 model Ford Ranger. Unfortunately, the cause of the crash is still unidentified and is under investigation.

As unclear the situation was for Brown, what is clear to him is that if he weren’t wearing the correct equipment at that time, the damage he would have incurred could be quite more complicated.  He expressed that thanks to his riding gears showing its genuine quality, and his helmet cushioning the impact directed to his head. Their loss wouldn’t be in vain as it acted according to their designed purposes.

Optimism Despite All Odds

But what’s shocking about him isn’t the way he survived his ramming with a Ford ranger. Rather, it’s his optimistic perspective despite his tragic experience. Apparently, he already gave a shout out to the Indian manufacturers who made his motorcycle to let them know. But a much greater reason he’s thankful is that his whole body is intact and he exists to live another day.

Brown thanked all his fans for extending to him their prayers. He also thanked his family who was with him as he recovers, and to his friends who supported him as he journeys the walk of recovery.

Many co-artists also sympathized with him and wished him the best for his recovery. Tyler Rich expressed how he roots for Brown’s recovery and how he’s so happy to receive the news that he’s on his way to get back his whole strength. From Parmalee, they gave a friendly reminder to Brown that he still has a lot to do in the music industry. They even collaborated once to make a single titled ‘Just the Way.


Blanco Brown

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