March 12

Bill Monroe And The Blue Grass Boys, “A Voice From On High”

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Bill Monroe And His Song

Bill Monroe, who was considered to be the “Father of Bluegrass” music, together with a band he formed, called the Blue Grass Boys, released an album titled the Gospel Spirit. The album contains 16 tracks that are bluegrass and gospel in style. One of the song included in this album is, “A Voice From On High.

A Voice From On High

“A Voice From On High,” written and performed by Bill Monroe, is a song that reminds us that there is a God who is up there, somewhere, or more importantly deep in our heart, that will always listen to all our prayers. A perfect song that warns us that as early as now walk the path where Jesus is because on the day of judgment the price we are to pay is too high. Furthermore, we should never forget what Jesus did for us to cleanse us from our sins, and to draw closer to the Father. Let us not waste Jesus’ sacrifice, because it means everything. Right now we think that it doesn’t matter, but we don’t know when the day will come that Jesus will return.

“So I’ll follow His footsteps up the narrow way
And we’ll pay our debts on that great judgment day”

I’d rather change today and respond to God’s call than regret it when the final day arrives. Therefore, what are you waiting for? Pray to God that He will enter your heart today.

Bill Monroe and The Blue Grass Boys

When Monroe parted ways with Bill and Charlie, he decided to form a band that would focus on using stringed instruments. The first band he formed after Bill and Charlie, was the Kentuckians, but it didn’t last that long. When he moved to Atlanta he formed another band, the Blue Grass Boys. The band and Monroe focused on developing a music style that is unique. In 1946, the Blue Grass Boys had become popular across America. The band landed 5 top 20 singles on the chart. By this time it was said that the Stanley brothers were imitating Monroe’s music. In 1948, Flatt and Scruggs left the band to form their own, but the band still continued to play. Furthermore, Monroe signed under Decca records. Despite that a lot of members come and go in the band, the band had lasted for 58 years.


bill monroe, blue grass boys

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