Alan Jackson never disappoints his supporters by giving them the best of his creations. Most of his singles pierced the country music obsessives. It even inspired them in so many ways. Indeed, Alan Jackson is considered the best country artists we have today.

In 2003, Alan Jackson released one of his best country songs ever penned called “Remember When. Since then, it became a timeless country love song that we, country music lovers, love to play all the time. Not only that, but the single also became number one on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart. It became then one of Alan Jackson’s long list of number singles of his career. Also, it was certified gold by RIAA.

Furthermore, ‘Remember When’ has profound content that talks about infinite love. The words and lyrics simply describe a genuine love between couples from the very first day they met having children and growing. Certainly, a single, song, ballad, or even a hymn that’s worth remembering.

Remember When…

The words and lyrics of “Remember When” was a fruitful creation of Alan Jackson himself. He released the song in October 2003. On the other hand, the song was his final single from his album “Greatest Hits Volume II.” The song was a massive success all over the world. It topped the country charts, certified gold by RIAA, and touched the hearts of the listeners. Undoubtedly, the song has become part of the country music scene.

Speaking of substantial and poignant music, Alan Jackson is on top of the list. Most of all of his songs are genuinely emotional that can touch anyone who listens. Also, the jivey tunes he patches to some of his singles truly persuade us to move. Moreover, Alan Jackson’s themes merely portray experiences that everyone can relate to.

Alan Jackson grew up singing in the church. He, most of the time, listens to gospel music. Jackson started a band after graduating from high school. Then, at the age of 27, along with his wife Denise, moved to Nashville to pursue his musical career full time.