April 27

Where Are The Best Pumpkin Patches in Hampton Roads, Virginia?

You can get many things from visiting pumpkin patches, like in Hampton Roads, Virginia. Well, it’s not only in Virginia. You could also experience different benefits when you visit a pumpkin patch farm around the states. Many farms to choose from, including the pumpkin patches in Tulsa, which offer fantastic corn mazes. These North Alabama pumpkin patches provide an authentic eerie Halloween experience, and pumpkin patches in Arizona, with one particular pumpkin farm offering delicious snacks and meals. 

Nonetheless, in Hampton Roads, Virginia, pumpkin patches have the best farm activities that are enjoyable for all ages. Below is the list of these places you can visit on your following Fall season itinerary.

1. Hickory Ridge Farm

You’ll enjoy strawberry picking like never before in Hickory Ridge Farm. Fresh air and sunshine are what’s in store for you, which is impressive according to many visitors. Take a walk at the massive fields or run with your kids and enjoy the beautiful pumpkin patch that’s quite popular among the locals. What’s more impressive is their tasty variety of apple cider doughnuts that dances well with any taste buds.

2. Lilley Farms

Strawberries seem to be equal to pumpkins when it comes to popularity on this side of the state. Lilley Farms delivers delicious strawberries for all guests to try. And being one of the best pumpkin patches in Hampton Roads, Virginia, they also have tons of fruits and vegetables to choose from. All in all, the farm has a high entertainment service.

3. Hunt Club Farm

The best part of visiting Hunt Club Farm is the Harvest Fair that takes place in October. Every cent is worth it with the admission tickets because you and your family will get you pony rides, bird feed sticks, and goat feeding. There are many vendors, good junk food, a bird walk aviary, plenty of animals, a pumpkin patch, and a tree walk.

4. Mount Pleasant Farms

Everyone loves this farm. No exaggeration! You will never regret trying Mount Pleasant Farm’s corn maze or even participating in their activities. Children and adults come to play on this authentic pumpkin patch as they host fantastic events to celebrate Halloween and other significant holidays. Speaking of events, the people of Mount Pleasant Farms received high recommendations from visitors because they successfully mixed education with play. Plenty of volunteers can also be seen around the place, so you’re sure many can help you out if you get lost exploring the fantastic farm.

5. Greenbrier Farms

Pick out pumpkins and buy some plants too when you visit Greenbrier Farms. It’s an all-around great place and an excellent spot for a fun weekend check out. Moreover, the food is heavenly with jam, honey, and drinks. You’ll get the most of the sunflowers, taking pictures, and pumpkin fields in just one trip.

Add all these pumpkin patches in Hampton Roads, Virginia, to your Fall To-Do list, and don’t miss out on booking a trip. You can also type “pumpkin patches near me” on Google for more amazing pumpkin patches options.


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