October 12, 2020

Let’s Take A Look Back At Josh Turner’s First No. 1 Hit, “Your Man” 

Josh Turner’s “Your Man” peaked at No. 1 on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart in early 2006, becoming the first No. 1 hit of his career. The romantic tune was released in August 2005 as the lead-off single and title track from his album of the same name.

“From the first time I heard [the song],” Turner said, “I knew there was something special about it. I didn’t know what it was.” Well, it was special enough that it was certified Platinum Gold in 2012 by the RIAA, selling more than 1,300,000 copies in the United States as of 2015.

A Seductive Song You Never Knew Another Country Superstar Wrote

Country superstar Chris Stapleton teamed up with songwriters Chris DuBois and Jace Everett to write one of the sexiest country songs there is, “Your Man.” 

The song has perfectly showcased Turner’s deep voice, which tells the tale of a man smooth-talking to his lover. 

“Baby, lock the doors and turn the lights down low. Put some music on that’s soft and slow. Baby, we ain’t got no place to go. I hope you understand. I’ve been thinking ’bout this all day long. Never felt a feeling quite this strong. I can’t believe how much it turns me on. Just to be your man,” the song goes.

Stapleton and his co-writer, Chris DuBois, later earned an American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP) award for their work on the song and a Broadcast Music Incorporated (BMI) award for writer Jace Everett upon its reaching No. 1.

It Became A Go-To Song To Cover For Other Country Baritones

Ever since its release, “Your Man” has become a go-to song for other country baritones to cover, just like Scotty McCreery did for his American Idol audition. Another renowned country baritone, Tim Foust from the a cappella group Home Free, lent his voice to the heart-throbbing hit.

After winning NBC’s The Sing-Off, the group shot to fame and are now known for their extraordinary covers of hit country songs. Everyone in Home Free takes turns singing the main solo in their covers. So, when it was time for them to sing “Your Man,” they knew that Foust was the right choice to take the lead.

In 2013, during an appearance on the Bobby Bones radio show, Chris Stapleton had chosen to revisit “Your Man” in a performance of his own. While strumming along on his acoustic guitar, Stapleton wowed the crowd with his natural talent. Between the steamy lyrics and the passionate way Stapleton performed the song, his version will definitely make you feel like falling in love!

But nobody does it better than the original. Tune in below to watch Josh Turner’s swoon-worthy performance of his first No. 1 hit, “Your Man.”


Josh Turner

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