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“Were You There:” A Johnny Cash Recording telling the Significance of the Cross

Where were you when they crucified the Lord? Definitely, we weren’t born yet at that time. However, we are already designed to be created by God. The crucifixion of the Lord Jesus is a tragic event. Nobody wants to be in His position, but Jesus willingly took it to save us. If Jesus death wasn’t planned then what do you think will happen to us.

What is the Significance of Jesus’ Crucifixion?

Why does Jesus have to be crucified? When God created humans, sin wasn’t part of us at first, but then it entered the world through Adam and Eve. Since then sin has been part of us, and we cannot find a way to cleanse ourselves from it. According to the Bible, we need someone sinless or someone who is pure. Therefore, God gave us His only son to be sacrificed. Jesus’ crucifixion is the only way to cleanse our sins.

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A Song about Jesus’ Crucifixion

Many gospel songs were created to portray Jesus in the cross, but the gospel song “Were You There” has a different approach to the Cross. “Were You There,” questions us if we were present at the time Jesus died. It wants to inform us that the death of Jesus is painful and heartbreaking, but it is a sacrifice that can only save humanity. Therefore, we should never neglect Jesus for without Him, we cannot be saved.

Were you there when they crucified my Lord
Were you there when they nailed him to the cross

Johnny Cash

In 1969, Johnny Cash performed numerous songs at the Madison Square Garden. The record labels Legacy and Columbia Record gathered all the songs he performed and released the album Johnny Cash at Madison Square Garden. One of the songs he performed was “Were You There.”

“Were You There:” History and Other Versions

The hymn was created in the 19th century by African-American slaves. The first time people read the song was in 1899 when it was published by William Eleazar Barton.

“Were You There” was covered by Randy Travis, Tennessee Ernie Ford, Roy Acuff, and many more.


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