March 15

Wanda Jackson,”Queen Of Rockabilly,” Sings “A Woman Lives for Love”

wanda jackson

Wanda Jackson was known as the “Queen of Rockabilly” or the “First Lady of Rock ‘n’ Roll” not only succeeded in the field of rock ‘n’ roll music. Jackson moves from rock ‘n’ roll to mainstream country songs when rockabilly declined in the mid-1960. Her country songs that top the charts were, “Tears Will Be the Chaser for Your Wine”, “A Woman Lives for Love” and “Right Or Wrong.”

A Woman Lives for Love

A Woman Lives for Love” written by George Richey, Glenn Sutton, Norris Wilson in 1969. It was included in her album, A Woman Lives for Love, under capitol records. Her song peaked at No. 17 on the U.S. Billboard Hot Country Song charts, in 1970. During the 13th Annual Grammy Awards, in 1970, Jackson was nominated for Best Female Country Vocal Performance, for her song “A Woman Lives for Love.

Jackson’s song, “A Woman Lives for Love,” is a song about the life a woman who will sacrifice everything for the man she loves. The narrator’s life revolves around loving her man. The woman does the best that she can to show that love to him. In return, the man loved the woman in the song. Truly women are born to love in many different ways, as possible as the can. A song that will make you appreciate the hard work your woman does for you.

 Jackson’s voice stands out not only in the rock ‘n’ roll world. However, she did well too in the world of country music. She can really perform as tough rock ‘n’ roll chic and then turn to a sweet country girl. Jackson proves that a woman can be strong and still be a lady at the same time.

Wanda Jackson’s Recent Updates

Jackson is a two-time Grammy Nominee and a Rock and Roll Hall of Famer. Furthermore, she is a recipient of the Oklahoma Cultural Treasure. She is also currently on tour and will be at Arlington, Texas on the 17th of March.

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wanda jackson

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