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18 Country songs about money

18 Country Songs About Money and Wealth That Will Keep You Motivated and Inspired 

Here are some of the most popular country songs about money to inspire you to overcome whatever financial hardships you face or simply jam out.

John Anderson Songs

John Anderson Songs That Made Him Stay in The Industry for 40 Years

John Anderson has dedicated his whole 40-year musical career to perfecting his craft. That's why here are 15 of John Anderson songs that folks will undoubtedly enjoy.

John Anderson Facts

Twelve Interesting John Anderson Facts That Not Everyone Knows

John Anderson, who was born on December 13th, 1954, rose to prominence as one of the biggest names in country music. And here are some fascinating facts about him.

John Anderson Seminole Wind

How John Anderson’s Song ‘Seminole Wind’ Is Closer to His Heart Than People Know

John Anderson renders a richly imagistic song that transports a feeling of urgency and great loss without being sanctimonious or preachy in "Seminole Wind."

John Anderson - Money In the Bank

A Leap Through the Meaning Behind John Anderson’s Song “Money in the Bank”

"Money in the bank" is a song by John Anderson from his Album Solid Ground. It is about the feeling of being so deeply in love that one exudes an unfathomable sense of happiness.

John Anderson - Swingin'

How John Anderson’s Song’ Swingin’ Help Him Stay Relevant for Years

John Anderson's 1983 single "Swingin" debuted at no 71 on US Billboard Hot Country Singles. The song will definitely take you for a walk down memory lane, and here's why.

John Anderson - Straight Tequila Night

Why John Anderson Was the Perfect Singer to Sing “Straight Tequila Night”

In 1991, John Anderson released a relatable single called "Straight Tequila Night" from his Seminole Wind Album.

Alabama’s 50th Anniversary Tour Winds Down in Nashville

Alabama is one of the most celebrated bands in the country genre. The boys have been making music for half a decade and they're celebrating it with their 50th Anniversary Tour.