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Who is Deacon Frey?

Deacon Frey Is Excelling In His Role As His Father’s Successor

If anyone is fit to succeed the founding member of the Eagles rock band, Glen Frey, it will definitely be his son Deacon Frey.

Deacon Frey Adds His Own Touch to 'Take It Easy'

Deacon Frey Leads “Take It Easy” in Place of Dad

Deacon Frey's “Take It Easy” sparks nostalgia and sentimentality, with the song being one of his father’s most iconic and the band’s debut single.

Here’s What Vince Gill Has to Say to Those Thrashing Him for Joining The Eagles

Despite the negative comments from diehard-Eagle fans, Don Henley, Timothy Schmit, and Joe Walsh turned a cold shoulder and continued touring for old time’s sake. Meanwhile, during an interview at the Musicians Hall of Fame and Museum in Nashville, Vince Gill had the opportunity to address the public with his thoughts on the matter.

‘Best of My Love:’ Slays as a Hit but a Hacksaw to The Eagles’ Bond

Ohe mysteries that this band has hidden this whole time is why they don’t want to release 'Best of My Love' again to the public, and why they dislike it despite the single being one of the factors for their success in the industry.