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Blanco Brown

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Blanco Brown - The Git Up

“The Git Up” By Blanco Brown: A Unique Country Song Everyone Would Love!

Blanco Brown’s debut single, “The Git Up,” was released in May 2019. The song was thought to be a sequel to Lil Nas X’s “Old Town ...

50 Best Country Rap Songs You Should Have on Your Playlist ASAP!

Hick Hop, outlaw rap, country rap, whatever you feel like calling it, the fusion of country and hip hop has surprised many. Despite looking like an ...

Blanco Brown Now on Recovery, Says God Ain’t Done with Him Yet

No one is really exempted when it comes to accidents, and these types of scenarios when experienced first-hand can really test one’s faith. Here’s Git Up ...

WATCH: Cool Cops Doing “The Git Up” Challenge!

Blanco Brown‘s “The Git Up” challenge is definitely sweeping the nation! Cool Cops Do The Git Up Challenge! Besides the cute dads with their kids dancing ...