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Air Supply

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Two Music Icons Made “Making Love Out Of Nothing At All” A Timeless Classic

Jim Steinman is the person behind the words and lyrics of “Making Love Out Of Nothing At All.” The song made it to the hearts of the listeners through Bonnie Tyler and Air Supply.

A Look Back on Air Supply’s Greatest Hit in the 80’s “All Out of Love”

Air Supply is one of the best American duo. One of their works that became popular is the song "All Out of Love." It was then released in February 1980.

Air Supply’s “Lonely is the Night” Tells What Distance Does in a Relationship

"Lonely is the Night" is a song recorded by Air Supply. The lesson we get on this song is never let anything or anyone ruin the relationship we have especially distance.

“Two Less Lonely People in the World:” A Classic Love Song in the 1980s by Air Supply

"Two Less Lonely People in the World" is a classic love song in the 1980s, recorded by the Australian soft rock band, Air Supply and released in June 1982.