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Aaron Watson

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Aaron Watson + July in Cheyenne

Aaron Watson Pays Tribute to late Lane Frost with “July in Cheyenne”

Aaron Watson writes a stirring ode to fallen rodeo legendary Lane Frost in “July in Cheyenne” as he recalls losing his daughter.

modern traditional country singers

25 New Traditional Country Artists You Should Be Listening To Right Now

The death of traditional country music could have been overstated, as these 25 modern country singers show that there is still loyalty to a less pop-friendly twang brand.

Aaron Watson’s Nostalgic “Country Radio” at the Grand Ole Pry

Aaron Watson has been in the industry for 20 years. It was June of this year when he released his own album entitled "Red Bandana."

Aaron Watson Debuts New Song at the Opry with His Traditional-sounding Music

Aaron Watson has been around for a while but he is making a big comeback. Take note, he does not sound like the typical country-pop that we hear.

The Red Bandana Tour 2019: Aaron Watson’s New Tour

Country star Aaron Watson will hit the road this summer for 'The Red Bandana Tour. It is named after the Texas native's upcoming album.