September 4

Remembering the Horrific Passing of Dottie West

A hitmaker, Grammy Award winner, and Grand Ole Opry member who rose to fame in the 1960s was Dottie West. Her journey to stardom was cut short when she got involved in a deadly car accident causing her death on September 4, 1991. Today, we commemorate West’s passing exactly 27 years ago. It’s almost three decades that we haven’t seen the country legend perform on stage or elsewhere. Those years of physical absence sure made us dearly miss the singer. But the memories of her music are sufficiently enough to gratify our longing for her.

Remembering the Horrific Passing of Dottie West 1
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Her Musical Career

Although West had her breakthrough in the ‘60s, the singer began establishing a close relationship with other rising country stars as early as the 1920s. Among those who she befriended were Patsy Cline, Willie Nelson, and Roger Miller. It was in the ‘60s when West’s career took off.  During this period, songs she recorded such as “Here Comes My Baby” and “Would You Hold it Against Me” became big hits. The former earned West a Grammy Award win in 1964. The following decade, she began partnering with Kenny Rogers and likewise reached greater heights in her career. Among their successful duets were “Every Time Two Fools Collide” and “All I Ever Need Is You.” Both songs became No. 1. After her stint with Rogers, West continued recording as a solo artist. Accordingly, A Lesson in Leavin’was among her notable solo records. At the onset of the ‘90s decade, West’s personal life and career experienced some setbacks leading her to declare bankruptcy.

West’s Horrible Death

West had been a long-time member of the Grand Ole Opry. On her way to the famed show on August 30, 1991, West had her final journey. The singer never made it to the show as the car she’s riding in that time lost control and crashed into the central divider of the road. West suffered major injuries, her spleen ruptured and liver was lacerated. On her third operation period a few days later, West died at the age of 58. Several artists in the country music industry paid tribute to West by attending her memorial services.

In honor of Dottie West’s 27th death anniversary, let’s once again watch one of her live performances of one of her famous songs below.


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  • Very special lady. I wish they’d make a movie a movie about her life. Kenny said she was the most underrated country singer.

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