Country music and Oklahoma native Merle Haggard is one of the pillars that helped make country music become the incredible art it is today. Hence, a tribute for him is just but as necessary as it is to honor him. In fact, he was just one of the few who have stayed true to the real, classic country sound. And, his works were not put to waste as they were loved by country music enthusiasts around the world.

Reba Pays Tribute to The Hag

In a powerful and heartfelt tribute to the late country music icon, fellow Okie, Reba McEntire, poured her heart and bared her soul as she rendered The Hag’s “Mama Tried.”

As she has shared in one of her speeches, McEntire has loved Merle Haggard’s exquisite music ever since she was young. Before rendering her heartfelt tribute, she delved into the past and narrated an experience she will never forget. She then talked about how Haggard influenced her childhood and how much it meant to her and her siblings.

In her speech, she mentioned the things he brought to her life growing up:

“A lot of people ask me all the time, ‘Who are my musical influences?’”

She immediately continued and said:

“There was another guy from Oklahoma – I had every album he ever put out. My older brother Pake and my little sister Susie and me, we sang every song he did… because Merle Haggard was a great influence on all of us.”

After that, she then started with her strident jam that is sure to melt your heart and make you remember of the country music legend. Listening to Reba singing a Merle Haggard song is like listening to a lullaby that piece by piece brings back the memories of the good ol days…

Listen to Reba McEntire as she impeccably delivers one of The Hag’s greatest hits, “Mama Tried:”