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September 16, 2019


September 16, 2019


September 16, 2019

If you are looking for a song that transports you back to the past then Ned LeDoux has got your back. This cowboy is ready to release his sophomore album this coming November 6. We’ll get to know his nostalgic record which was produced by Grammy-award winning singer-songwriter and producer Shane McAnally.

ned ledoux next in line new album old fashioned
Ned LeDoux will be releasing his new album, Next in Line, late this year. Photo via Ned LeDoux’s official Facebook page.

Ned LeDoux’s Upcoming album Next in Line

Next in Line is the name of LeDoux’s upcoming album, and it is evident that the songs on his record will celebrate his origins. Aside from showing us his western life, he also honored the people in his life by writing songs that are for them. “Worth It,” a single from his upcoming album, is written for his hardworking grandfather Bud Rhoads. Meanwhile, he dedicates the song “A Cowboy is All” to his brother Beau. Of course, let’s not forget that Ned has also made a song for his biggest influence to pursue his dream of becoming a country singer. “Homegrown Western Saturday Night” is a song made for his famous father Chris LeDoux.

“I’m writing my own story and if people take a liking to it, that’s wonderful. As long as I’m writing from the heart, and writing about what I know, I can definitely listen back to it and be proud.”

You can pre-order his album here.

“Old Fashioned:” A Single from His Album

Before his second album comes out, you can enjoy a piece of it beforehand. His single “Old Fashioned” is a song that is written to honor his roots, and he wants people to know that he has never lost sight of who he is. LeDoux reminds us that despite the ever-changing world, he still knows where his heart truly belongs.

“This song pretty much describes where I came from and the lessons I learned growing up that I still carry on to this day.”

His single “Old Fashioned” is out now.

Who is Ned LeDoux?

Ned is the son of the country singer Chris LeDoux. When he was young he used to play drums in his father’s band. This has ignited his passion for country music. Like his father, Ned is an amazing country singer who will not disappoint us.


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