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Meet Conway Twitty’s Children Who Keep His Memories Alive

The “Don’t Call Him a Cowboy” singer may have passed away in 1993, but thanks to Conway Twitty’s children, the country superstar’s legacy has lived on. 

And today, we will get to know more about them. Please keep on reading below!

Michael Twitty

In 1953, Conway Twitty first married Ellen Matthews, a marriage that only lasted for a year. They had married because Matthews was pregnant with his son, Michael.

Michael today turned out to be an absolute copy of Twitty. With the passing of his legendary father, Michael is on a mission to keep Twitty’s legacy alive. He has continued to sing his songs through tribute shows, events, and concerts. 

Michael has traveled the world, from Canada to Japan, as well as throughout the United States, to perform his music. Over the years, he has performed various shows in memory of his father, including the “Michael Twitty Show,” “Memories of Conway Show,” and the “Twitty Bird Show.”

In 2017, during the Country’s Family Reunion, Michael poured his heart and soul out in a one-of-a-kind performance as he sang “Hello Darlin” as a tribute to his dad. The ballad is one of Twitty’s signature songs and international hits. 

The audience erupted in cheers, not even a second after Michael sang the song’s opening line. They knew exactly that they were in store for a treat. The performance brought Conway Twitty’s fans to tears too. 

Michael’s son, Tre Twitty, is also a singer. Tre often joins his father for performances honoring his cherished grandfather. Both Michael and Tre have continued to sing hits from his Twitty’s repertoire every year at Loretta Lynn’s Remembering Conway event.

Tre and Loretta Lynn’s granddaughter, Tayla Lynn, are also singing their grandparents’ songs with their “Tribute to Loretta Lynn and Conway Twitty.” The duo has been touring for two years already throughout North America and Canada.  

Joni Lee

Conway Twitty’s second marriage was to Temple “Mickey” Medley. They were married in 1956 and welcomed their first child, Joni Lee, in 1957.

Joni further proves that talent runs in the Twitty family. She recorded several singles as Joni Penn, and her most successful solo was “I’m Sorry Charlie.” The song peaked at number 16 on Hot Country Songs in 1976.

Joni also sang with her father on “Touch the Hand” and “Don’t Cry Joni” on his album The High Priest of Country Music. Joni was 16 years old then.

In the years that followed, Joni Lee married fellow country singer John Wesley Ryles. Though she’s no longer in the spotlight, Joni has continued to promote her father’s legacy and artistry in various ways.

In 2017, she released a revamped album, “Timeless.” The album featured entirely reworked instrumentals from family and friends – along with the backing vocals from her husband!

Kathy Twitty

Kathy is the second among Conway Twitty’s kids with Medley, and she’s another country music singer in the family. She followed in her legendary father’s footsteps with a career in music. She once belonged to a girl group called The Next Generation together with other country superstars’ daughters: Loretta Lynn’s daughter Peggy, Johnny Cash’s daughter Cathy, and George Jones’ and Tammy Wynette’s daughter Georgette.

Like Michael, she also often covers her dad’s songs, and it gives us chills every time we hear them. One of our favorite covers by Kathy is Twitty’s 1975 hit song “Linda On My Mind.” Her take on such a classic song was so brave! Kathy sings with such passion in the same classic country stylings as her father, and it’s absolutely beautiful!

Though Kathy doesn’t sing with Twitty’s signature growl, she puts a unique spin to this classic song with her impressive vocals proving that she is indeed Twitty’s daughter.

She also changed the lyrics up for her version of the song. The song now tells the story of the girl in her dad’s original version, who the narrator is planning to leave for his new lover, named Linda. The woman in Kathy’s version was pleading to the man to look past Linda’s bewitching charms and see that Linda is not the right one for him.

“Now I’m lying here with Linda on my mind,” Kathy sings. “Trying to find the way to say I know she’s not your kind.”

The song is still heartbreaking but beautifully told.

Jimmy Twitty

Jimmy is the youngest kid of Twitty and Medley. Though not much has been known about him, he was last spotted together with his siblings during the ceremony of renaming one of Hendersonville City’s roads to Conway Twitty Lane earlier this year. The legendary country music artist was “an avid supporter of Hendersonville’s parks system.”

This only proves that Conway Twitty’s children are doing their best to keep Twitty’s memories alive and well. 

Conway Twitty’s Children: Joni, Kathy, Michael presenting Loretta Lynn a Print that Ronnie McDowell had painted of their dad Conway Twitty.


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