October 28

Forget Hate Cause ‘Love Can Build A Bridge’ by The Judds


When people say that country music is all about booze, cowboy life and everything so stereotypical as a Southern man, people are dead wrong. When people say that country music might just be all about the domination of white old dudes singing about honky tonk, it is still a misconception. What people who have a narrow understanding of country music do not know is that country music has been telling about life stories and even discussing politics and race since the beginning. Who could ever tell a great story or even inject humor into it than Country itself? Taking, for instance, the mother and daughter duo, The Judds who have made us realize that love can bridge everyone regardless of color.

The Judds, Love Can Build A Bridge

‘Love Can Build A Bridge’ was written by The Judds’ other half, Naomi Judd together with Paul Overstreet a frequent writer of Randy Travis’ greatest hits and John Barlow Jarvis. The song discusses the prevalent issue of racism and what would happen if we all just rise above our prejudice and just love one another.

It’s a shame that the song did not reach the zenith post it deserves in 1991 but it won a Grammy for song of the year in 1992.

Co-writer Jarvis discussed with Nashville Hype how the song was written and brought to life by a melody in 15 minutes. He said:

“Naomi Judd handed me a set of lyrics she had written which was inspired by a conversation she had with Paul Overstreet,” he said. “I immediately heard a melody and wrote it in literally 15 minutes. What took the most time was finding the right feel for the final recording. I believe we recorded it two or three different times before they were happy.”

Watch the heartwarming video below and tell us what you think about it:


John Barlow Jarvis, Naomi Judd, Paul Overstreet, The Judds

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