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Johnny Cash Says “Get Rhythm” When You’re Feeling Down, Folks

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Every song has a lesson to tell us. Some can be life changing while others can lift up our spirits to make us feel mighty fine. Presenting another Johnny Cash song that will make you forget about your problems. Get up and dance to the beat of his music.

“Get Rhythm”

In 1956, Johnny Cash released his No. 1 song “I Walk the Line.” The B-side of his song is his rockabilly song “Get Rhythm.” Not much attention was given to his song “Get Rhythm.”

After fourteen years, Cash released his song “Get Rhythm” again in 1969. This time he released it as a single.  It reached No. 23 on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart. In addition, it also entered the Billboard Hot 100 at No. 60.

Almost Recorded by Elvis Presley

“Get Rhythm” was written by Johnny Cash. He wrote the song for Elvis Presley. However, Sam Phillips did not let Cash give it to Elvis so Johnny Cash recorded “Get Rhythm.”

The Song and It’s Positive Message

The song tells a story of a man and a young boy. The man was wondering why the boy seems to be happy all the time and is always full of energy. He then asked the boy what keeps him going and the boy said: you got to

“ You got to get rhythm when you get the blues”

Despite the fact that he cleans shoes for a living, he still sees things in a positive way. The man even says that he is too good for his job but the boy does not mind shining shoes for a living.

“I said you’re a mighty little boy to be-a working that way

He said I like it with a big wide grin.”

Therefore, folks, if you are not feeling good today, listen to Johnny Cash’s song “Get Rhythm” and shake off the blues of the day.

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