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The Inspiring Story of “The Preacher and the Stranger” by Joey and Rory Feek

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Inspired: Songs of Faith and Family

In 2013, Joey and Rory Feek released their first gospel album together, Inspired: Songs of Faith and Family. They worked together to record twelve songs that they like. In their album, they have included traditional gospel songs such as “In the Garden,” “Amazing Grace,” and “Are You Washed in the Blood.” Some of their singles were written by the couple, such as “Gotta Go Back,” “Hammerin’ Nails,” and “I See Him.” Their album reached No. 26 on the US Billboard Top Country Albums chart. In addition, it secured a spot on No. 126 of the Billboard 200. Sadly none of their songs were able to make it to the chart.

The Inspiring Story of “The Preacher and the Stranger”

One of the best songs in their album was “The Preacher and the Stranger.” The song was written by Carl Cartee and Jerry Salley. This is one of the songs in Joey and Rory Feek’s album that has an inspiring and wonderful story.

The story began with a stranger who was looking for a temporary shelter while it was raining. The preacher who was a kind-hearted man welcomed the stranger. He knew he does not have a lot but he still tries to provide what the stranger needs. The preacher and the stranger shared stories and talked about God. Until the preacher told the story of his son who was killed by a drunk driver. He said that he finds it hard to forgive the man who took his son’s life away. The stranger who was listening to the preacher broke down in tears and asked for forgiveness.

The Song’s Lesson

“The Preacher and the Stranger” is a beautiful song that reminds us that just like God we should learn to forgive. Yes, it is a difficult thing to do, but upon forgiving the person we set ourselves free from the anger, and pain that it causes us. Let us learn to practice forgiveness even if at first it is really difficult. Let us be like our Father in heaven who always forgives us regardless of what we have done.

“Bear with each other and forgive one another if any of you has a grievance against someone. Forgive as the Lord forgave you.” –Colossians 3:13

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