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Inspired by Both Parents’ Experience: “July in Cheyenne” by Aaron Watson

Who is Lane Frost?

Lane Clyde Frost was an American professional bull rider and Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association (PRCA) member. His life was branded in the 1994 Luke Perry film “8 Seconds”. He is one of pro rodeo’s most tragic figures. He has just completed a 91-point ride on a Brahma bull named “Taking Care Of Business”. Fate had it, he was mortally wounded by the animal’s horn at the Cheyenne Frontier Days Rodeo on July 30, 1989. His story was also a key part of Garth Brooks’ award-winning video for “The Dance”.

Aaron Watson: Texan Country Artist Who Made The Song For Lane’s Momma

 “July in Cheyenne” was the first song Aaron Watson wrote after he and his wife lost their daughter, Julia Grace. One night after coming home, he started watching Lane’s Frost story in “8 Seconds”. He saw it for the first time from a parent’s point of view. It has turned out that he shares a common ground with Lane’s parents. Having lost a child too, Aaron was struck by the words of Lane’s mother, he narrated,

“I came across something that his mom said, and it touched me. She started talking about the movie, and there were a lot of things the movie got wrong. It made Lane’s father, Clyde, out to be a cold and mean father. In reality, he was a very loving and supportive father. But, what she said – and I should make her a co-writer, because had she not said this, there wouldn’t be a song – ‘Lane was a world champion bull rider, but that was not his greatest achievement in his life. His greatest achievement came a year before he died, when he asked Jesus to become his savior. That’s what got me. The simple truth in his mothers’ words.”

As he began to watch the film, he also searched the internet for more information about Frost’s life story. He could feel what Elsie was saying when she spoke about Lane because he experienced it too. Until he came to a realization that the song he’ll write will be for his mother, Elsie Frost. Usually, it takes him a while to get a song right, but this to him was different.

Inspired by Both Parents’ Experience: “July in Cheyenne” by Aaron Watson 1

The Comfort Song Of Elsie

The fourth single from his Billboard top ten album “Real Good Time,” titled “July In Cheyenne” triggered emotions of fans. It is striking a chord with many rodeo fans’ gratitude to the legendary professional rider, Lane Frost. Aaron sent it to Lane’s mother and she called him to say she loved it. He played it at opening ceremonies in Las Vegas for National Finals Rodeo. He is always excited about the song whatever happens because he poured his heart and soul into it. Aaron Watson described it as a Gospel song at the end. He is happy saying it is an icing on the cake because Lane Frost’s mom loved it. The verse that mostly touches Lane’s mom goes,

His mom and daddy long to see their little boy again

So tip your hat to the cowboy every once in a while
And take time to remember that cowboy’s smile
A little part of every heart of every rodeo fan
Died there in the rain and the mud in July in Cheyenne.

The music video features never-before-seen footage of Frost. Watch it here.

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