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“Hey, Good Lookin’:” One of Hank Williams’ Most Popular Song

“Hey, Good Lookin’:” One of Hank Williams’ Most Popular Song 1
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Hank Williams Sr. is one of the legends in country music. He is best known for his songs “Your Cheatin’ Heart,” “Cold, Cold Heart” and “I’ll Never Get Out of This World Alive.” Hank is one of the musicians who set the standard of what country music should be. Despite his short time in the industry, he had inspired many musicians now. Today, we remember one of his songs that made it to the top of the Billboard chart, “Hey, Good Lookin’”

Hank Williams’ “Hey, Good Lookin’”

“Hey, Good Lookin’” is a catchy song with fun lyrics which was written by Hank Williams Sr. Moreover, the song was written for his friend Jimmy Dickens. However, Hank decided to record the song himself because he thinks that it perfectly suits him. “Hey, Good Lookin’” is Hank’s A-side song for his album Memorial Album while the B-side of his album was “My Heart Would Know. Furthermore, in 1951 the song was recorded under his recorded label MGM.

Cover Versions

When “Hey, Good Lookin’” was released, it became a popular song therefore many artists tried to make a version of their own too. The following artists who recorded this song were Tennessee Ernie Ford in 1951, Johnny Cash, George Jones in 1960, Ray Charles in 1962, Ernest Tubb in 1968, Waylon Jennings in 1992, and many more.

Jimmy Buffet’s Version

In 2004, Jimmy Buffett recorded a version of this song for his album License to Chill. He made it enter the Billboard Country chart at No. 8. The song remained on the chart for a total of 20 weeks. In addition, the song crossed over to the pop chart of the Billboard at No. 63. 

About the Song

The song is about a man asking a lady to make their relationship exclusive. He asked her to be his girl and he wants them to be together happily.

Grammy Hall of Fame

In 2001, Hank Williams Sr.’s song “Hey, Good Lookin’” was inducted into the Grammy’s Hall of Fame.

Here is “Hey, Good Lookin’” by Hank Williams

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Hank Williams Sr., Hey Good Lookin

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